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The Book of Exodus

Thus did the people venture forth from their confinement in London, and sow their seed all across the northern tribeland.

The first town to be founded under my watch is the glorious town of Canterbury, 3 squares north of London. I have big plans for this town, with four food bonuses in range...

In 70 BC, the English Republic is founded. It needs only 10% luxuries, with one entertainer in London.

London fires out settlers as fast as it can. It does so every three turns: London can use the two cattle tiles and some irrigated grassland and get +10 food for a growth in one turn. Next turn I set London to +5 food. Then on the third turn, I set it to +5 food and +10 shields, rush an archer, then switch back to settler letting London build the last ten shields, and the city is back where it started.

When London doesn't need the shared cattle tile, I assign it to Canterbury, keeping that city at max growth rate while it builds its granary.

I found a number of other cities, including Oxford in 150 AD as the Forbidden Palace site. My expansion to the northern islands was slowed by a barbarian galley killing the one I had built.

Here's what glorious England looked like by 210 AD, only 16 turns after game start:

I finally get to that northern island, beating China by a single turn.

Then in 350 AD, my grand plan at Canterbury is complete. Here's what the city looks like.

This city will now produce a worker every single turn. I had calculated this as possible from the very beginning of the game. With ten surplus food, the city grows to size 6, then auto-picks the hill for the extra shields to complete a worker.

In my succession game TH2, I first encountered a city capable of producing a worker every turn. It did so for about 15 turns, and I later wished I had kept that up for longer to create population to add to all the rest of the cities. Then the succession game EX? encountered that situation, and stuck to it for much longer, although occasionally one of the SG players thought he had a better idea and built something else for a bit. I wanted to see how this would work out when adhered to strictly for an extended period of time.

I had expected corruption to take one more shield than it did, so had expected Canterbury to need to build the workers between size 6 and 7 - meaning it would need to build an aqueduct first - but it worked out to be able to pull it off at size 5-6. It did, however, need a temple to keep it happy.

And so Canterbury cranks out a flood of workers to very quickly improve every inch of land in England, and to merge into the cities once their work is done.

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