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Peace is for Wimps

But I still need one more Great Leader to rush Leonardo's Workshop, in preparation for the mass Cavalry upgrade that I'm now planning to do. So three turns later, in 470 AD, I declare war on Germany, and give Education to the Zulu for an alliance to keep them both tied up.

And I get my wish. Leonardo's Workshop is mine!

Also, I finally make a gain on the front lines over here. This will serve as a good forward base for the later Cavalry assaults.

In 590 AD, Shaka reneges on our alliance and makes peace with Otto. Also, I'm starting to lose Mounted Warriors to German knights - not that I couldn't keep advancing, but the losses aren't worth it. So, the sun sets on three glorious millennia of Mounted Warrior conquest as we make peace. Germany gives me Astronomy.

The one-beaker run on Printing Press finishes, and I trade it around for Banking and everybody's available cash. I _want_ the AIs to waste their time on Democracy and Free Artistry while I go get Military Tradition.

So it's time to kick my own research into high gear. I build a handful of libraries in my top cities, and also do get the five banks and Wall Street up and running. Once those are done, every city keeps doing nothing but cranking ever more Mounted Warriors.

I research Chemistry and Metallurgy myself. I sell the former around for what the AIs can offer - about 50/turn cash total - but decide to hoard Metallurgy. As I do that, the poor unsuspecting AIs research Democracy and revolt to it.

Finally, Military Tradition finishes, in 800 AD.

Nothing says "I win" quite like this message.

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