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Yeah, right.

Where the effin' 'ell did THAT come from?! We'd been polite, if not gracious, the whole game. That DEFINITELY lends credence to my theory that an AI declares war when it's got surplus military and wants to use it on someone. With the Zulu eliminated, what else was there for Germany to do?

Salamanca's 15 turns from victory.

And as Sirian says, never mess with the guy with the biggest bankroll. I pay Greece a grand for an alliance. The other two civs won't ally, but they take MPPs for a couple hundred each.

I get to use some Radar Artillery! (And why the heck did Germany need to paratroop in at that city?)

Well, I capture Stuttgart easily. And then the RNG decides to play Let's Screw With T-hawk...

First, my coal runs out. That's rather inconvenient, as now I can't replace rails lost to bombing.

Then, my OIL runs out! That's very inconvenient. I have two, but am trading the other to Greece for luxuries. Sheesh...

Turns out that nuclear subs and AEGIS cruisers don't need oil. I built a LOT of nuclear subs and AEGIS cruisers. :) And a few tactical nukes, after stealing Space Flight from Germany.

Then, a single mech infantry in Hamburg kills three of my - now irreplaceable without oil - modern armors.

Then, I go about twenty elite attacks without a great leader.

Then, THIS happens.


But Salamanca cruises along to victory before I actually do punch a hole in my monitor. And I had also razed Berlin, which made me feel better.

Cultural Victory in 1894 AD.

Tenochtitlan was really giving me a run for my money there. Those two cities scored all but five of the great wonders in the game!

Oh, and then after that was done, I clicked "Let me play a couple more turns", and fired four VERY satisfying tactical nukes at German cities. Surprisingly, all three other AIs were Gracious and stayed that way! There is a point where AIs will be happy about a nuke of another AI, if they've been enemies long enough. Also, wildly coincidentally, this was just as RBE DSG2 was ending, so I then used this savegame to do some more experimentation with nukes and their effects. That knowledge could have proved pivotal in RBE2's impossible victory if we'd had to go nuclear.

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