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In the beginning...

Or maybe it's the middle already?

4000bc.jpg 838x350

See the wheat in that picture? I didn't, until after the city was founded. Had the worker or scout seen it (mental note - take advantage of mountains at the start), Salamanca would have been one square to the southwest.

Well, the wheat will still be available, 10 turns from now. So I have the warrior mine the square he's on, but not road it. Commerce won't be very important in this scenario, while fast expansion will. So after the mining, the worker goes to irrigate the wheat.

wheat.jpg 215x256Speaking of that wheat tile, it has a shield! Resources (any type) do not generate atop bonus grasslands, at least in 1.29. Was this a change in the game, or did somebody fool with the editor?

Research set to max on Masonry. We're going to need to get to Mathematics for catapults, to keep the war of attrition in our favor until we can produce overwhelming stacks of archers.

Anyways, with raging barbarians in this game, I order a warrior for defense/MP duty after building one scout.

The first scout contacts America in 3200 BC, and we trade Warrior Code for Masonry + 10g. Max research on Alphabet begun next; still aiming for Mathematics.

I only got to two goody huts, which gave me 25 gold and a warrior. That warrior returned to Salamanca for extra defense and police while the granary was built.

England was contacted in 2700 BC. We traded Masonry to obtain Alphabet and 10 gold. Research to max on Mathematics. We then trade Alphabet to America to get Bronze Working.

And in 2600 BC, my second scout finally finds America's capital, which I had thought was much farther away. That first scout kinda missed it:

2600bc.jpg 879x477

In 2400 BC (date provided to compare to your own game. How much would having the wheat from turn 1 helped?), Salamanca has reached size 3, and it's assigned to work a forest to get growth in 7 turns with the granary due in 5.

After the granary, I had Salamanca build its barracks, rather than an immediate settler, invoking the "Larger-City" theory. It takes Salamanca six turns to accumulate the food for a settler, every time. The larger Salamanca is while doing that, the more shields it can produce to do other stuff in the meantime - especially with the vast quantities of bonus grassland available. Getting an extra 2 shields per turn from Salamanca is worth delaying founding the next city by 3 turns. (Note that Sirian's common tactic of building a temple early, before any settlers, results in this occurring as a side-effect. That's part of why that tactic works well.)

While that's is going on, I'm also constantly micromanaging Salamanca every turn. The most efficient way to get 10 food to grow is to set the city to surpluses of 3, 3, and 4 food on successive turns - but also put the 4-food turn earlier in the cycle if the city needs fewer shields to complete its build on that turn.

Oh, and what in the WORLD are these English workers doing?!

But then my scout makes the best of all possible observations: AMERICA AND ENGLAND AT WAR!

york.jpg 587x291

I wonder if those unprotected English workers triggered America to attack them. I'll be very interested in seeing how that played out in everyone else's games. At least I did find out what the workers were doing:

irrigat.jpg 600x392Trying to bring irrigation home ACROSS HALF A CONTINENT. This is the worst weed I've ever seen an AI civ smoking -- even worse than the Iroquois' Cure for Cancer in RBE2. Pure suicide.

England is now totally crippled. Down to their capital, stuck in war (they'll never have anything to offer America for peace), with no workers.

Amusing aside: america-barbarian.jpg 518x162 I always knew those Americans were barbarians...

ANYWAY - man, I'm digressing a lot here - eventually my own civilization expanded, founding a second city in 1340 BC. With no food bonuses in the area, the terrain of choice is bonus grassland, and there's sure a lot of it. The city was founded in that spot for these reasons: it's somewhat sheltered from barbarians; it brings into use FOUR bonus grassland (the BG due E of Salamanca won't be used until the city is size 7, which I won't let it reach while building settlers), and it's a spot to build a galley and grab for the bonus points for founding a city on the island over there.

2cities.jpg 749x448

Presently Mathematics finishes. I could trade it to America for The Wheel and Ceremonial Burial, but Writing is what I really want to try and get to Map Making to go for the bonus city. I start Writing at minimum science.

In 680 BC, my third and final city is founded.

680bc.jpg 858x485

Well, not my final city, but the final one of any significance. No other site is worth developing for a city to be a military factory. I'll eventually have Salamanca shed some excess population as settlers, but primarily to increase the free unit count threshold; they'll rarely build anything useful.

Niagara is going to be purely a military factory: no granary, its first build is a barracks, and after that it's nothing but troops. Grand River equally so, except that this city's mission in life is to build catapults - no wasting time with the barracks.

Meanwhile, Salamanca's micromanagement has settled into a very nice pattern. It's got 10 shields per turn at size 6, and can grow every three turns. During two turns of that cycle it produces an archer, and on the last produces a worker in a single turn. This builds up my military and worker force very quickly - and with this amount of bonus grassland available, more workers means more military production capability.

So I'm building up. I expect to accumulate about ten archers and whatever catapults Grand River manages to build, then go roll over America wholesale. Of course, no plan survives contact with the enemy. (But that's okay as long as the enemy doesn't survive contact with your plan. :D )

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