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Chapter 3

or, In Which The Smackdown Continues

1280ad.jpg 772x349

England did somehow acquire Writing when I had 7 turns left to go on the minimum research to it. I naturally trade Mathematics for it, and begin maximum research on Map Making. I'll definitely easily claim the 5-point bonus for founding a city on another landmass, and just perhaps find somebody else against whom to rack up extra conquest points.

It's now 1400 AD; time has been flying by. I've got, what, 10 turns left to go after England? Well, maybe not. In 1400 AD, the clock suddenly slows down to 20 years per turn. 30 turns should be enough to eliminate the ugly oranges.

It takes a while for the troops to traverse that long, lonely stretch of land, but in 1600 AD they've reached Nottingham, and we declare war. Here's the entirety of jolly old England. Yes, that is current map information: England has NO TERRAIN IMPROVEMENTS. You want to talk about death by "Seed Corn"? Here it is.

england.jpg 635x536

And yes, I'm researching up to Republic. Old habits are hard to break...

England's hardly worth mentioning.

london.jpg 681x468
english.jpg 504x259

Current score: 8 + 1 + 20 (America) + 6 + 20 (England) + 5 + 10 (bonuses) = 70 points.

Meanwhile, I was sending galleys and archers over to explore the northeastern continent that my galleys had discovered. Spain turned out to be over there. 3 points per city on another landmass captured or razed - let's see what we can do here. They have communication with the Aztecs but won't trade it, and also Horseback Riding and Iron Working which are both useless to us. Isabella will take Philosophy for the world map, though.

1680ad.jpg 812x588

Spain also got a lousy start, and has only four cities currently. There's also been some war over here, judging by those city ruins inbetween the civilizations. I've got 18 turns remaining, assuming it's 20 years/turn from here on. Can I score points for another eliminated civ?

Well, I ship over boatloads of archers and a few catapults, the latter being useless against cities but helpful in minimizing losses in the open. In 1680, I declare war on Spain. Six archers advance next to Murcia, and four move next to Seville.

Murcia falls to the first attacker. Seville had two defenders, which the four archers just barely beat. And that happened in - wait a sec - 1710 AD. Cool, it looks like I've got 30 turns left instead of 15. Spain is a guaranteed goner, and I might even get to make progress on the Aztecs.

Unfortunately, the RNG swings against me (first time it's done so all game, really), and my attack on Barcelona fails, five archers being unable to defeat the two spearmen.

The RNG swings the other way in 1790 AD, and my first three attacking archers beat the three spearmen in Madrid.

madrid.jpg 399x254
spain-destroyed.jpg 713x464

Spain eliminated in 1820 AD. Current score: 79 + 15 (five Spanish cities) + 20 (eliminating Spain) = 114 points.

I did reach Republic in 1800 AD, and decided to revolt, but pulled a dreaded 8-turn anarchy. Yuch. But the date then ticked to 1805, meaning I have 40 turns left instead of the 20 that I thought. That JUST MIGHT be enough time to eliminate the Aztecs! It also means that Republic was definitely the right move, since I now have a fair bit of cash and the ability to rush units when and where needed on the Spanish-Aztec continent.

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