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Peace and Space

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Research continues uneventfully; I hit 4 turns for a few technologies but then Flight takes 5. Rocketry is the free tech, although I was hoping for any one of the others. Computers then takes 6, and so does Space Flight even after the research labs. Huh, my only Aluminum is in territory captured from Egypt; another good reason to have done that war. (Fairly odd resource distribution on this map; tons of iron and coal for me but few of the modern resources.)

After I've got Computers, Rocketry, Space Flight, and Satellites, I pull the old move of gifting Greece up into the modern age to see if he gets Ecology or Fission for free. He gets.. nope, Rocketry, oh well.

I researched Fission, built the UN, and buried that vote so far underground that England became eligible for election. yeah.gif 15x15

In 1465 AD, while I'm four techs away from finishing, Greece and Egypt finally make peace. That was the same war that I started with Egypt back at Nationalism. Egypt had made peace with everyone else a while before; they then spent an age and a half stuck in War-Time Mobilization!

The AIs start a few more wars with each other, but none more with me. All the rest of the techs take 5 turns each to research. Maybe I should've grabbed for a little bit more territory in my wars. Oh well, Space Race Victory in 1550 AD.

youwin.jpg 373x132

That's my fastest launch yet in a regular (non-Epic-24) game, one turn ahead of Epic One. And you thought this game was going to go slower with the lack of food at the start? Bah, I say. Behold the true power of the Pyramids!

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- T-hawk, 3/1/2002

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