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King At Last

I'd never realized this, but Zululand never had any rubber, and has no infantry. So, after two turns of rampaging through Zulu cities, aided by shipborne "virtual-rails" to get armors into combat the same turn they were produced, and also pulling my first-ever defensive Great Leader:

youwin.jpg 378x323

replay.jpg 715x723

Let's look at the histogram.

histo1.png 668x124

Who's going to win this game? Certainly not Rome...

histo2.png 663x260

Look at that bump in Rome's power when I pulled that massive string of brokerages at The Republic. And Rome wasn't the first one to go, but Japan.

histo3.png 662x232

Never in doubt.

Score of 4011. RBCiv-26 the Magnificent. One heck of a monster of a game

And THEN I found out that Epic 27 was to be Always War. If I'd known that, no way would I have gone this much warmongering in this game.

- T-hawk, 4/6/2003

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