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By this time, I'd explored a fair bit of land and bought a little bit of map information, so I was finally starting to see the Feathered Serpent land form. Maybe I should've played this as a straight game to enjoy that a bit more, but oh well.blushing.gif 15x15

Time to fill in the other infrastructure: marketplace, colosseum, cathedral, the usual. While that happened, this hit as a rather sudden surprise:

arabs-destroyed.jpg 372x152

So did a Massive Uprising, but it was rather not a threat to anything:

uprising.jpg 730x386

I got my way into Republic eventually, and eventually started building a wonder as well, of course.

820ad.jpg 828x502

I wanted the Sistine Chapel - that boost of happiness isn't available any other way, so it's valuable even to a non-culture OCC. Income is very strictly limited in this game, so even 3gpt of lux tax or lux imports from Sistine would prove helpful in the long run.

sistine.jpg 496x227

Next up was of course another very important wonder for OCC commerce:

copernicus.jpg 467x221

Once the Great Library expired, I two-fered my way up the Middle Ages tech tree as usual. Unfortunately, Mongolia grabbed a monopoly on Theory of Gravity a good 20 turns before any brokerage involving it became available, so I lost out on Newton's.

On to the Industrial Age, when I have my report text available again. :)

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