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Into the Future!

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With the modern age running down, so were any more cultural wonders. In this shot, the cities of Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Kitchener, Winnipeg, Hamilton, Oshawa, Vancouver, Kingston, Quebéc, and Edmonton are all on track for 10,000 culture. I built all the SAM batteries to help each city defend against aerial bombardment in hopes of preserving the cultural buildings in case of war.

Russia demands Oil (in communism, they hadn't had any money to pay me for it); I consider it a small price to pay to stay at peace.

future-tech-economy.jpg 738x134

And in 1750 AD, the tech tree is finished. From here, I can likely maintain 4-turn research on the future techs until the end of the game. With 200 turns to go, that's either 49 or 50 future techs, depending on the exact counting at the end of the game (do you get research credit for the 2050 AD turn itself?) Another 250 points of base score will be quite nice, of course.

Also, my civ-wide culture reached 100,000 right around this time. My current tile count is 1585 with 70 cities, still a nice average of 22.7 tiles per city. And I'm still on pace for 104% of total score, if nobody else gets eliminated and I never get nuked.

And the flips keep on coming.

flip-2.jpg 523x335

Salzburg, conveniently enough, even came with a marketplace, stock exchange, and aqueduct. Thanks to the Communist civs for building up these fringe cities for me.

kish.jpg 785x410

Spain had controlled Kish for quite some time, during which it had unexpanded borders and I had ten tiles of pressure on it. Then Rome took it back, restoring its prior Roman culture and leaving me with only two tiles of pressure. Funny game, this. confused.gif 15x22 crazyeyes.gif 15x15

And the insane tech sales keep on coming as well...

laser.jpg 419x181

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