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galley.jpg 523x586

rome-techs.jpg 201x400The galley sank, but that was okay; it made contact.

And what a contact it is!

I traded my world map to Rome for one of the contacts, traded the WM to the new contact for yet another contact, and so on down the line until I had them all. The last one doesn't have any contacts to offer for the map, of course, but:

monarchy.jpg 436x196 hanging.jpg 464x156

(Yeah, the GL would give Monarchy to me anyway, but this way I get to complete the Hanging Gardens a turn sooner.)

The Great Library gave me a bunch of techs, and five turns of anarchy later, the Republic of Canada was founded.

400ad.jpg 1024x768

The land-grab was complete by now. That picture doesn't even show everything I got; there's four more cities in the tundra south of the Iroquois, plus one more north of Sudbury, and one under the info box. You can see the light blue in the minimap.

I could've put one more city in the middle of the great mountain range, but decided not to waste a low-corruption city slot on a town doomed to size 2. Also, these tiles would all eventually come within my borders, providing extra buffer towards the limit of 18 tiles per city.

I built slightly more sparsely than I usually do - could've crammed in another city or two in the tundra by Sherbrooke and hills by Niagara, but I wasn't too worried about overlap or the 18-tile minimum. The inland terrain made for good locations spaced apart, like Kitchener's lake. I wasn't going to sweat small gaps of unused tiles like between St Catharines and Oshawa.

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