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The Final Countdown

1285ad.jpg 946x626

I could easily align the world against the Zulu and exit with a diplomatic win, but given that I can make the run from Fission to space researching every tech in 5 turns or less, I have probably a better chance of getting the fastest space win as I do fastest diplomatic. So we bury the vote.

In 1305 AD, the Zulu finally decided to try to do something about my advantage:

zulu-stack.jpg 712x570

I was surprised they took this long to come after me - guess they were distracted for quite some time by Babylon's few island cities. But, the Zulu picked the worst possible time to attack - right after I got mech infantry, and they're still a tech away from tanks. Even cavalry armies aren't going to scare my fortified mechs.

That said, though, the Zulu did still have several dozen infantry that I had to fend off with arty and tanks. I did pull a Leader to get to build the military small wonders. I went as far as capturing Atlanta from them (it's the "12" city-size number visible under the stack in that picture), but then they would talk so I just took peace right away.

youwin.jpg 377x322Nothing else worthy of note happened. Space Race Win in 1490 AD. 5224 points. So much for a beyond-Deity tough game.

replay-775bc.jpg 427x246

replay-440ad.jpg 592x290

replay-870ad.jpg 688x289

replay-1490ad.jpg 426x485

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