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A Disaster

1525bc.jpg 619x386

I hit End Turn... and my warrior didn't even win a single fight.

1500bc.jpg 502x371

That's because the Dutch warriors continued on past. William could've added a very nice size-9 city to his empire, but miraculously he was focused on something else instead. Establishing an embassy a short time later revealed that he was at war with Germany.

phil.jpg 252x189 Anyways, I got Philosophy first, and grabbed Code of Laws for free as usual. Minimum research on Republic ensued. And I did get the Pyramids.


pyramids.jpg 747x377

In Golden Age, I built the temple, then built the Statue of Zeus in record time of 9 turns from scratch.

zeus.jpg 425x565

With the Zeus Cavalry now coming to keep me safe from aggression, I built a library, then started a third wonder. I had my choice of the Mausoleum or Oracle, but wouldn't be able to get both, and picked the Oracle (culture is everything, after all.) While I was still on the Oracle, though, somebody researched Literature. With that, the Great Library could no longer wait, so I had to swap to Artemis and use that to placehold until I could afford Literature. That happened as prescribed.

library.jpg 739x352

In 310 BC, Republic still wasn't around, but I had 3 turns to go on my one-scientist research, so I revolted (possible because the GL had brought in Monarchy.) Drew a lousy 5 turns of anarchy for ONE CITY, blech. I ended up running into bankruptcy during the anarchy to the tune of about 20 gold; nothing I could do about it. The Statue of Zeus kept piling up the ancient cavs; I actually disbanded a couple to save on unit costs. I also bought a worker from someone that you can see in several of these pictures.

210bc.jpg 628x494

By this time, Sun Tzu's had been started, and nobody had even finished the Oracle yet! I decided to take a shot at one more ancient wonder; hopefully the cascade would go from the Oracle and Artemis to Sun Tzu's and leave either the Mausoleum or Hanging Gardens for me.

holland-war.jpg 759x421

I got some more good news with AIs going to war with each other instead of me.
<foreshadowing>I did not yet know it, but that declaration would be the start of some very long wars for the Dutch...</foreshadowing>

hanging.jpg 492x245

replay-10ad.jpg 688x289

And the Hanging Gardens completed in 10 AD. The four most powerful ancient wonders are all in my city; the Pyramids and Zeus have already doubled their culture production. This is surely a solid base for a 20k culture victory.

Now it is time to turn my attention to matters military.

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