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Not only did that city of Bonampak have coal, it's also got rubber! Looks like I definitely called it right in resettling on the same jungle spot that the Carthage AI did way back when.

This was also the turn that Chichen Itza reached 10,000 culture, and it's producing exactly 100 culture per turn. To recap, Chichen has: the Pyramids, Statue of Zeus, Great Library, Hanging Gardens, Sistine Chapel, Shakespeare's Theater, Newton's University, JS Bach's Cathedral, Smith's Trading Company, and will easily have all the Industrial wonders.

I built Suffrage, and did the usual with Theory of Evolution, and Chichen started on Hoover while I researched Sanitation. In a slightly silly move, I set my cities to build Hydro Plants a turn before Hoover completed, to use as prebuilds for Stock Exchanges.

And, in the words I often use to wrap up my succession-game reports, that's all, folks. Nothing else interesting happened. I had opened up a lead of about five techs after ToE, which got narrowed to about three by the time I reached the modern age. I built about five infantry and artillery per city, then parked them on Wealth to keep the research going. I hoped for a scientific GL but didn't get any. My Dutch war had taken about 8 hours of playtime; it was about 90 minutes from there to the end of the game.

Well, not quite nothing; in 1798 AD, with five turns to go for the cultural victory, Rome had a brain aneurysm.

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My reputation is toast, of course; but you can always get alliances if you're willing to pay enough. I coughed up Radio to the Dutch for an alliance, and bombarded those few Roman units. The Dutch took care of Rome's SoD for me, and I just hit End Turn five more times. Chichen built SETI just before the game ended.

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Cultural Victory in 1808 AD. Certainly an excellent time for a 20k victory without military GLs to rush wonders.

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Demographics show that despite having only six cities and being last in the game in land area, I'm first in both industrial and economic production.

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Victory status screen shows that I was still the leader in national culture as well. The entire huge Dutch nation had only a quarter more culture than my one leading city.

Thanks to Griselda and Charis. Neat idea for a game. Maybe we can try it on Deity next time. biggrin.gif 15x15

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