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Monarchy government founded in 1400 BC. If future C3C patches don't change the behavior of that Philosophy free tech, something will definitely have to be done about that for Epics purposes...

At this point, there weren't any other available techs that I needed soon. I ran all cash for a little while to cash-rush some settlers, then decided to research Literature to trade. With the shield-light rules in this game, I wasn't going to try to build any ancient wonders. My Forbidden Palace reached completion at the early date of 925 BC, giving my northern and western cities quite some help in their early development.

925bc.jpg 686x589

For an agricultural civ, desert is just as good as plains once irrigated. Egypt grabbed that one site that I wanted with El-Amarna, but I would get the rest of that desert with another city, and also get two cities on the southwestern peninsula. Verulamium grabbed iron, but it's actually in kind of a dumb location; I should've built it farther north and then another city on the easternmost point. With Richborough, I decided to claim all that grassland with one city that would grow large rather than contorting in an extra city on the coast there.

I sailed a galley over and found England, and traded Philosophy to her at monopoly for Construction. Eventually I met Portugal, who somehow had Currency but was otherwise four techs behind me. Naturally, we trade, and that made me the first civ into the Middle Ages. I started research on Monotheism, which would take 17 turns. Yeah, the economics are going to go a bit slow here until we get irrigation up to speed everywhere and start hiring scientists.

island.jpg 800x242

I also claimed the eastern island. Yes, I originally put that lake there. All of you who were commenting in the info thread on the technicality of mining a tile unreachable by irrigation, might have considered the fact that I'd craft the map to not run into that problem. tongue.gif 15x15

I'm not sure what the English warrior on the island was doing, probably just exploring. I bought a spear in Ratae Coritanorum just in case it attacked, but it didn't.

By 50 AD, my lands were just about fully improved (I had as many as 36 workers). I merged a few workers back into cities now, and took this picture.

50ad.jpg 724x615

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