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Carthage sneak attacks. Funny - if it hadn't been for England's warrior wandering around, I wouldn't have a spear here and I'd be losing this city. But now I have a good chance at keeping it.

There's a Numidian and a warrior attacking, and a spear and a warrior defending. So the Numidian has to go first to try to take out the spear to have any chance to win. But the AI attacks with the warrior first, and my spearman manages to stop laughing long enough to beat both attackers and promote.

I established embassy with Egypt to look into getting an alliance against Carthage. Take a look at this:

thebes2.JPG 634x524

What is THAT? Tell me THEY didn't just get a scientific leader for researching Navigation?!

Anyway, I decided not to commit to a dogpile on Carthage, and the war ended quietly very soon. But not before they sent a few units for me to get my Golden Age with a Gallic Sword.

I kept researching - the Golden Age being a huge boost, nearly doubling Monarchy's trade income - and got another scientific Leader on Physics. This is almost an embarrassment of riches. Well, he rushed Smith's, and the capital's wonder swapped over to Newton's instead. Alesia also built JS Bach's in the normal way, greatly boosted by the Golden Age. (That would not have been possible without the sci GLs killing the cascade.) I also built Magellan's for the heck of it while researching on up to Steam Power.

magellan.jpg 723x404

Hills and mountains are usually the last tiles to get railroads, but here they came first to get whatever shield production I could as soon as possible. After Steam Power, I decided to go straight for Sanitation. Hospitals would pay off economically sooner and better (don't forget the Monarchy unit support) than factories would pay off industrially. Heck, hospitals would even pay off industrially once Replaceable Parts for civil engineers came in. I sold to Egypt my monopolies on Steam Power and Medicine for 89 and 117 gold/turn to finance my research.

Here's my cities now:

820ad.jpg 1022x559

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