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A song of peace
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And never goes away!

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And here we are in the Modern Age.

score-industrial.jpg 220x287

1125.75 average for the top four civs, 803.75 average for the bottom four. Balance ratio 71.40% for a score of 21.42 points. Despite this ridiculous pile of wars, it's a better balance than the previous age!

Now, the question is how do I end this thing? York is still on pace to pick up a cultural victory about 100 turns from now, but I'd like to grab a faster, higher-scoring diplomatic win. Well, first step is to research Fission and build the UN, of course:

united-nations.jpg 977x123

Next step is to figure out who the heck will be my opponent! I resorted to manually counting up everyone's population points.

Spain - 58
France - 1
Italy - 10
Prussia - 58
Turkey - 58 (Egads, three civs are TIED?! How's that for balance!)
Russia - 61 (Good, someone's ahead of the tied civs)
Netherlands - 84 (Where'd they get all that? Pity, since they're Polite and would vote for me, but okay.)

So if the Netherlands are my opponent, where am I going to get four votes?

Spain - never been at war, Gracious currently - a lock
Turkey - had some wars but also Gracious - a lock
Italy - one tiny war, Polite currently - should have this vote

Prussia - furious from earlier wars - no chance
France - obviously out
Netherlands - my election opponent

That means I need Russia. We had that earlier war that lasted quite some time, but I only captured one city. I pillaged every square of her land, but apparently that doesn't affect AI attitude.

Catherine is presently Cautious. Signing an RoP brings her up to Polite, and I throw in a gift of Horses for good measure.

Here we go...

election.jpg 654x265

Just as I planned.

victory.jpg 374x208

score-final.jpg 167x182 Final scoring:

1141.25 average for the top four, 822.5 for the bottom four. Balance ratio of 72.07% for a score of 21.62 points. Slightly improved even from the last age, and I probably could've improved the balance even more by delaying victory, but I wasn't in the mood for that.

I also got maximum bonus points, 10 for Honorable play and 20 for the diplomatic win.

Some shots from the replay:

2350bc-replay.jpg 608x296

replay-210ad.jpg 592x295

replay-1420ad.jpg 693x292

replay-1520ad.jpg 685x292

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