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It's been a while...

My early game plan is fairly simple: build the Colossus. The starting location was on the coast, so that should be easy enough.

So I selected my scout to move and look around... hey, where is my scout? Aren't we Expansionist? Oh, we aren't? Oh. crazyeyes.gif 15x15

Well, the natural opener is to move the worker to the bonus grassland. That reveals cattle and a second bonus grass square. OK, we're good to go. Building the city on the starting square popped maps from the hut; that's actually pretty helpful.

4000bc.jpg 745x465

I researched Pottery at max, then Writing. My first build was a warrior to scout, then a curragh.

curragh.jpg 740x334

I remember taking that picture because I had something to explain about production micromanagement, but I'm afraid I've forgotten exactly what it was. smokin.gif 21x15 I'm sure it wasn't anything we didn't already know, though.

Anyway, after the curragh, I proceed with a granary, second curragh, and a settler. Yes, the granary would be worth it, as this city would need to put out at least a half-dozen workers while the second city got up to speed.

granary.jpg 776x426

As my city worked on the settler, though, this happened:

pyongyang.jpg 870x653

Red circle is where I'd been planning to put my second city. That's the single best location within view: it grabs an immediate cow and the luxury, of course, as well as six bonus grasslands. Pyongyang rather throws a wrench in that plan, though.

Unfortunately, there's _no_ other good site within view for my second city. The cattle is the only decent food bonus within reasonable range, and that area also has the only commerce-producing river. I can't let my second city get pushed into the mediocre grasslands to the north or plains to the south. I need that productive river area.

And one thing of which I can be quite sure is that the Pyongyang location has future resources. So I'll need to fight Korea for this area, sooner or later...

Pyongyang would have at least two spears by the time I could attack it, meaning I'd need at least 5 archers or 3 swordsmen to be reliably sure of winning the city. That would delay building the critical Colossus by quite a bit.

So what to do? I could back off and build my second city one square SW of the red circle. That still pulls in four BG, 10 river tiles, and adds an extra hill.

Well, my exploring curraghs have brought in several contacts and much information. I've learned that Seoul isn't on the coast, and that Lisbon's terrain is absolutely terrible. Given that information, there won't be a whole lot of competition for the Colossus, I think.

So I decide I'll be damned if I'm going to back off to an Emperor-level AI.

barcelona.jpg 679x456

You can see the second worker that Madrid built over there, and now the plan is to build all military from the capital. Barcelona had a higher priority: whip a temple as soon as it grew in 7 turns, so that the squares adjacent to both cities would be in my control. That way, I could attack Pyongyang from my territory immediately upon declaring war, giving them no chance to rush a defender.

Korea researched Iron Working, and I traded for Mysticism from some isolated civ. Korea and I swapped those techs, both at monopoly prices. There's iron... not at Pyongyang as I'd expected, but right next to Madrid. ¡Excellente!

In 1750 BC, I made my move.

1750bc.jpg 895x476

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