Epic Five - Covenant of the Sea - Executive Summary

Moved one square west before founding. Only built one warrior before building the granary. All the settlers raced out to grab resources, getting the iron and both horses between us and Greece.

Got a number of two-for-one tech deals (buy a tech, turn around and sell it for another tech), which kept me up-to-date.

Connected the Iron, upgraded some Jaguars to swords, went to war against Greece in 390 BC. Conquered two cities, but knew I wouldn't have enough to take the capital (which had the size 7 defense boost.)

For peace, Greece conceded a city on Eastern Island! There's my way around the variant restriction! All I need is a foothold on each landmass conceded in war, and it can rush military to conquer the rest of the landmass. I know it's WAY against the spirit of the variant, but I simply wasn't in the mood for yet another fastest-tech-up race.

Forbidden Palace built two cities north of the capital in 410 AD. Triggered Golden Age with a jaguar against Greece in 520 AD. Prebuilt Leonardo's - built no other wonders - and started building a ton of Horsemen to upgrade to Cavalry. Whoops, though - we have no Saltpeter! Traded for Chivalry, upgraded to Knights instead, and conquered Greece off the mainland in 690 AD. Signed Right of Passage with India and went through to conquer England and their Saltpeter.

Researched to Military Tradition, upgraded to Cavalry, and never researched again. Went to war with India as soon as the ROP expired, with 16 cavalry. Conquered them off the mainland in 960 AD. Gandhi conceded FOUR island cities for peace.

Conclusion and Score