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An Inexorable Force

Lots more time passes. Tech is just CRAWLING. It isn't until 290 AD, over twenty turns later (!) that Monotheism comes out of the Great Library. I can start Chivalry at minimum science - but I notice Persia's already got it (but the idiots don't have either Iron or Horses.) I get a lot more infrastructure developed, as you can see in the picture.

I start to wonder where I am in the world, so take a peek at the F11 demographics. Not dead last, but still not at any sort of advantage. I'm really curious as to how fast the civs we haven't met are getting up the tech tree. Babylon got the Oracle, Colossus, and Great Lighthouse, but all the other wonders have been on our side. Wait a second - Babylon has the Colossus in Tlatelolco. Could the other side have been even more war-torn than ours?

In 310 AD, Persia wants to extend the peace treaty. This is still unfair to the player: no matter who suggests extending the peace treaty, it's the human player declaring war as the aggressor if the renegotiation fails. I don't want to commit to 20 turns of peace, but I haven't got Samurai yet, so I agree.

The next turn Chivalry pops out of the Great Library. What lousy timing. I only get to upgrade nine horsemen to samurai (I'd have cash for many more.)

But anyway, by 360 AD I'm ready for Persiacide; they still lack Iron and I've got a dozen Samurai. So I demand Persia withdraw from my territory. They declare war, of course.

As always - but this will be the last time - I have to clean up almost a dozen Persian archers and spearmen that were wandering through my territory. Slows down the war by a few turns, but elite training grounds don't get much better than that. It takes longer than I anticipated, but by 440 AD I finally kick Persia out of my southern coastline at Byblos (which they took from Egypt a long time ago.)

That's also the Golden Age, of course. We start producing phenomenal numbers of Samurai, using the city production boost and our now 150/turn cash income to rush even more Samurai.

Once I've taken Byblos, I invite Cleopatra over for a chat. She will join me in our righteous crusade against the Persians if I supply her my spare Iron and my only Horses. We do it.

In 480 AD, the Seven Twelve Samurai move up to Pasargadae. Among them is a Great Leader!

He's a pretty easy decision: rush the only wonder available, Sistine Chapel. But then, on the same turn:

Let's hear it for that Heroic Epic! This one's a tougher decision. He's definitely going to rush the Forbidden Palace - but where? I was planning to do so in Persepolis after conquering it, but now don't want to prevent yet another Leader from becoming available in the attack on Persepolis. So I go ahead and put the FP in Satsuma in 490 AD, which is also pretty much in the center of soon-to-be-ex-Persia, and plan to jump the main Palace farther northwest later.

Persepolis falls easily, though without a Great Leader, giving me control of The Pyramids and Sun Tzu's Art of War. That's it, folks, we are officially in a winning position. I had been worried about cultural pressure possibly causing Persepolis to flip back - but look who helped me. Egypt conquered all the rest of the Persian cities (about three) between their land and Persepolis!

Engineering and Education come in together, obsoleting the Great Library. Well, it sure did well. I start minimum research on Invention; with this crawly tech pace, maybe I can even get that as a something-for-nothing tech. I'm not in position to actually research anything, still in Monarchy and owning zero libraries. Also, we still don't have contact with the other half of the world, so researching at high costs will be unproductive.

It takes until 620 AD to chase down all Persia's holdings to the northwest, but eventually Persia is eliminated. (620 AD? I'd be fighting this war with TANKS in patch 1.21.)

Towards the end of that war, Egypt (south of me) started moving lots of forces through my territory, presumably to get to Persia's remaining cities in the northwest. I asked them to get out, praying Cleo would be reasonable, and she was. I then took several spare pikemen and a few samurai (hated to waste them over here but had to) and formed a coast-to-coast blockade, to make sure Egypt stayed out. I didn't need that headache. Egypt's units did go away.

Also towards the end of that war, I decided that Tokyo's production could be spared to start a Palace wonder placeholder. Leonardo's, Copernicus, and Bach's would all be available soon, and I didn't expect to get THAT many leaders.

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