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Plodding forward

I decide to stay in Democracy as long as I can. I have never in fact actually seen a government collapse in Civ 3; I always just switched out of Democracy as soon as the weariness reached 50% or so. I'm going to hold on until it actually does collapse. But I decide to shut off research, just going for a minimum-science run on Radio, and use the cash to rush whatever and wherever I need.

Cleo gets a brain aneurysm.

I, uh, don't think so. But she doesn't declare war.

Babylon also calls me up with a hilarious offer.

It takes until 1710 AD, twenty-two turns after Motorized Transport came in, and then Babylon is eliminated. 22 turns is still pretty good for overrunning a foe the size of Babylon on Deity with fairly slow tanks and artillery. I razed most of the cities, but kept Babylon for Leonardo's Workshop and the last few cities for the cultural radius to speed things up a tad, plus one city with Gems, and the last city had an Oil.

Babylon did get Replaceable Parts when I was about halfway done conquering them, but had no chance of ever getting rubber. I control all three on my continent, and brought settlers over to claim all three on Babylon's continent. Germany has one at home, China has one on their little island off to the west of my core, and there's one on the island east of Babylon continent that's currently under Iroquois control. (I would've liked to deny rubber to the Iroquois, but it didn't happen.)

My allies even (finally!) helped me out towards the end.

Here's a shot of the Japanese Army at the time.

War weariness went somewhere north of 60%, but the instant Babylon was eliminated, poof! Everyone across my entire empire is suddenly very happy.

Next target: the Iroquois. My plan here was to capture the two cities on the small sliver of an island northwest of their home, and use that to airlift in tanks to sail over to the mainland. I had prepared for this ahead of time, with two transports full of artillery and one of tanks waiting off the island (they wouldn't have been able to get to Babylonian cities in time to do anything.) I also brought a handful of the Babylonian forces over to take the rubber on the northeasternmost island, so they couldn't build any more infantry.

I wanted the Iros to declare on me, for war weariness purposes. I planted a spy, which succeeded. Then I tried exposing an enemy spy, which failed, and they declared war! They also immediately retaliated in exposing my spy, and it took me several turns to get another in (darn spy-resistant Communists.) I also sign Germany to an alliance against the Iroquois for 350 gold, and Egypt to the same for 420.

I also want to take care of a loose end. China has three cities: one on my continent and two on the skinny island to the west. But China's MPPed with Germany, whom I do NOT want to fight yet. So I decide to pull the old MPP-breaker MPP. I sign MPP with Germany, declare war on China, and position a warrior in my territory right outside China's city on the mainland, so that China will attack it and trigger the MPP in my direction. But, during Germany's turn before China's, Germany declares war on China out of nowhere! Heh, that MPP with Germany wasn't necessary.

I had previosuly gotten transports and tanks ready to pop off to the western island, and China's eliminated on the next turn.

Meanwhile, I'm invading the Iroquois. Nothing remarkable at all happens; it's your standard artillery-and-tanks conquest. I capture the two cities on the small island as planned, and airlift dozens of tanks to there while sailing over another couple transports of artillery. It turns out to be very important that I got Magellan's Expedition: the southern city on the island is exactly six spaces away from Iroquois' home coastline, so tanks can sail from there and disembark in one turn, invulnerable to the dozen or so Iroquois destroyers hanging around.

Germany and Egypt use their large navies to take out the Iroquois navy for me, but that's about all the help they were in the alliances.

I've been keeping an eye on Germany's tech progress. In 1735 AD, they've got Mass Production, so Motorized Transport is available to them. Panzers are bad. I ready a couple transports of tanks to go step on Otto's rubber if need be, but I don't want to break our MPP. Despite all this warring all over the place, my reputation is spotless, and I'm curious to see if I can keep it that way.

So every turn, or at least every turn when I remember, I offer Motorized Transport to Otto, to see if the price is going down any. It isn't, and then in 1754 AD, he gets... Amphibious Warfare. What a dumb AI.

Then in 1758, he gets... Flight. I have to assume Egypt researched that and traded it. Now Motorized Tanks is the only tech available for him to research, so I know it's coming soon.

So now it's 1760 AD, and here's where we stand.

That's what's left of the Iroquois. Salamanca has Smith's Trading Company, which I plan to keep. War weariness has gone back over 50% - I had to use ludicrous amounts of artillery bombardment - but I think the Democracy will hold out until they're eliminated.

As for Germany, I can stop them from having any Panzers (if they get any it'll be their Golden Age, which will make my job that much harder), but might have to break an MPP and my reputation to do so, and furthermore might have to declare the war myself and eventually lose the Democracy. But I have the forces to hit Germany from all sides pretty much at the same time, so it should go faster than the Iroquois did.

As for Egypt, they're a formality. They've never had any rubber, and are on my continent. I'm actually going to start building Cavalry everywhere towards the end of the German war, because Egypt's got only rifles, and the extra movement will conquer Egypt faster than tanks can.

Check out Babylon's meltdown on the power graph. by the way.

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