Long-awaited War!

In 900 AD, Babylon demands 27 gold, is refused, declares war! LET'S ROCK! WLTSD happens everywhere - I'm going to have a HUGE buffer of "negative war weariness" to pursue this war. Here's the play-by-play:

910: First battle, Musketeer kills a Longbowman, Golden Age! This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE time for a Golden Age -- using the production bonus to build Factories, the commerce bonus to warp research through to Scientific Method, with leftover gold at each last-turn- of-research to upgrade all the military.

Two cavalry later, Nineveh falls.

One cavalry later, Nippur falls.

This same turn, I have a railroad completed into Nineveh. 16 cavalry from all over converge on Nineveh. There's a very convenient jungle square SE of Babylon. It's 3 squares away from the city, and has no roads next to it - meaning Hammi can't attack that square with 1-move units! I stack 13 cavalry there.

EXCELLENT thinking, as Hammi moves a mini Stack of Doom (15 units) right next to my cavalry.

920: Babylon falls to a horde of cavalry. I get the Pyramids.

930: Sippar falls to a bunch of cavalry.

Cavalry are KING at hit-and-run tactics. Over the next few turns, I kill about forty longbowmen, a handful of swords and bowmen, and only a couple riflemen. I even get to use the Glorious French Musketeers for some OFFENSIVE action! They can safely pick off that large stack of longbowmen that got stranded in the middle when I blitzed past them to Babylon. (It occured to me about five turns later that I should be upgrading the musketeers to riflemen.)

940, 950: Consolidate for a bit. The resisters are taking FOREVER and a TON of military to quell. I guess culture is a factor? Babylon has about four times my overall culture.

950: Smith's in Paris and Wall Street in Rheims.
960: First GL! Army. No doubt at all. Army.
970: Babylon starts sending Cavalry at me. One kills an elite cav.
980: Another GL, from killing the cavalry that killed my elite! Hmm... Will save him to build Suffrage for real once Tours no longer needs it as placeholder for Hoover.

It's time to attack Ur (their new capital.) I have rail all the way in to Babylon, and Ur is 3 squares away from the border, so all the cavalry I have can attack it. I send the army in first. It loses THIRTEEN CONSECUTIVE ROUNDS AND DIES! Guess the new leader will have to build an army. An elite cav then takes out that super-rifleman all by itself and loses only one hit point. Sheesh. One big bloody battle later, Ur is taken -- with the last cav I have available to attack that round! Whew.

990, end of turn: Grr. Ur flips back. :P But it only lost one cav. So does Nineveh! That wipes out about six leftover warriors and swords that I stuck there on resister police duty. Argh.

1000: Reconquer both, while they have only the one automatically-generated defender. Babylon is STILL sending about six longbowmen a turn to the war zone, which get slaughtered by cavalry every time. The new army picks off one of them to record a victory, finally.

Flipping is going to be a HUGE problem here, what with Babylon's culture being four times mine. What prevents flips? Units. Lots of units. Lots and lots and lots of units. I set a few cities to build, of all things, Swordsmen! Five or six cities are producing one every turn; that'll suppress those resisters and flippers.

1010: Another GL! HE'll be the real Suffrage.
1030: ToE for Atomic Theory and Electronics.
1040: Suffrage built with GL, Nimrud falls.
1050: Hoover Dam complete in Tours. The game is mine, the only question is how I'll win and how soon. Diplo should be quite possible; out of the six votes I should be able to get all but Babylon's and the election opponent. Space is it if that fails. Culture isn't happening, and domination will be hard to come by under Honorable War rules.

In 1120 or so, we capture Ellipi. Shortly later, Babylon MPPs with India, and I'm seeing a bunch of war weariness after they capture Nimrud back. So, make peace with them in 1140. I did conquer all of their great wonders, and Ellipi will give me the only lux I lack once it expands.

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