You've Got War

Of course. Two war chariots beat themselves to death on the infantry.

What if I ask America to ally with me against Egypt? Heh heh heh.. They'll do it for nothing more than Dyes. That oughta slow down Egypt. France will also join in for only Ivory. It's a phony war on my side, since I'm not going anywhere without Tanks. America and France both make peace with Egypt about 15 turns later. I don't sign peace, though. I'll stay at war - that THEY declared - until I can pop over with tanks and raze a few of the big culture producers. They've still got more than half my total culture.

1270: Wall Street (yeah, kinda late) and Hoover complete. Suffrage also, in 1280.

Egypt moves a couple ships by New Tlatelolco. I load the infantry into the transport at Jilotzingo. Next turn, Egypt lands:

Sheesh. (The infantry is in that transport.) But Egypt also lands an infantry and two riflemen by Huexotla, on the western island. I scroll-ahead to make two infantry to defend. We're one turn away from tanks - how's that for bad timing for Egypt.

Joanie pays a TON for Steel, and just about as much for Radio as well. She's been an awesome customer this entire game. For about the first time ever, I've been significantly on the good end of the culture-influences-trading-values equation.

1300 AD: Motorized Transport. Tlacopan can produce tanks one per turn, and lots of other cities can in two. Now that I'll soon be attacking Egypt for real, I sign America to another alliance. Also, we're now only four techs from Genetics, so Tzintzuntzen starts the Palace to prebuild for Longevity.

Modern Age in 1320 AD. Is that the fastest? Hard to see how anyone could have gone any faster, since every tech after Theology came in four turns. Plus the AIs researched a couple along the way - one or two on the Gunpowder line, and Industrialization - and I didn't research anything optional except Republic, Printing Press, Democracy, and Sanitation from ToE.

Ecology comes as the free tech! Interesting, and nice - we could REALLY use some Mass Transit. Set research to Computers. As soon as I get that, to bring Mech Infantry along to defend the tanks, I'll invade Egypt. (We could go for Synth Fibers for Armor now, but I'm beelining to Genetics. We'll have Longevity in 1380 - plenty of time for it to bump our population before 1500.)

France researches Economics - after I'm in the Modern Age! Buy that and swap Tlaxcala to Smith's.

Oh yeah, we invade Egypt.

I.... got stupid in this war. I kept sending tanks out from the main stack to chase riflemen that were sitting around. They killed them, but then got swarmed by a half-dozen infantry and killed. I was also chasing the "two victories in one turn for a unit is an automatic promotion" idea - which I didn't see disproved in about five instances - but that was completely unnecessary since 1) by the time the unit went elite it would have 2 HP left and nowhere to heal, and 2) we hardly need a Leader for anything right now. If I had been less stupid, and kept that stack together, it could have rolled over probably six to eight cities.

During 1380 end-of-turn, Genetics comes in, I scroll ahead and swap to Longevity which gets built. Adam Smith's also finishes.

In 1385 AD, we've only razed three Egyptian cities, and we're already running out of tanks. War weariness is at 40% already, too. That looks like it will be enough, however, to prevent Egypt from having 50k culture when I reach 100k. I make peace, which does break our alliance with America, but oh well. Egypt is in Communism and would stay there the rest of the game.

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