Final Fantasy: The Berserkers

So now truly at full Berserker strength, it's time to plunge into the Temple of Fiends again. (Bash is only a few thousand short of level 32, he'll make it before any important fights.)

The Gas Ds left me alone this time, and after smashing the PHANTOM, I arrived at LICH without incident.

That, my friends, is a one-hit kill. Without even FAST. (OK, that really doesn't have anything to do with the Berserker variant - any level 32 BB could do that.)

And KARY also dropped in a single FASTed hit! She did get off a FIR3, but potions can handle that.

So here's KRAKEN, the scourge of my party's previous attempts. I decided to go in true Berserker style finally, rather than mucking around with ALIT or anything, just three brawlers and a FAST.

Not a one-hit kill this time, but certainly so far so good.

Holycrap, that's a two-hit kill! KRAKEN never even got a turn! This is what I needed to happen before, but the Warriors weren't strong enough. That extra two hits for the BBs made all the difference.

And here we go at TIAMAT. I'm undecided as to whether to go for Masmune, but I'll see what happens here. If the party comes out healthy, I'll go right for CHAOS. If the party takes any deaths but my WARPer stays alive, it's Masmune and out. If Kill gets killed, then there's no choice but to try CHAOS anyway.

On round one, my fighters dealt 800-something damage, most of it from a FASTed hit by Bash. So far so good.

TIAMAT's answer was a physical attack on Hit, for 300-some damage. That's fine, he can take that.

We're almost there, so Kill skipped any more FASTing, and went right for the NUKE on round two.

One to go. Here's a final look at the Berserkers.

Yes, Kill hardly used any magic in this dungeon trip. His job was always to White Shirt to get defenses up for healing. I stand by my original assessment that a Red Mage in this slot would have made for a considerably stronger party. Access to LIFE and EXIT would've made a world of difference, with no meaningful offensive loss, plus more HP and decent physical contributions too.

For the final battle, I put Hit up front. He's clearly inferior to the Masters on offense now, so he's more of a punching bag than anything else. Hopefully, he'll eat the CRACK while the BBs get FASTed up. Also, he's got slightly higher HP so might survive a direct physical attack. Here we go!

Hit leads off with 184 damage, a solid start.

Kill applies his FAST to Slam next. Great, those two acted in the correct order!

And Slam comes through with over 500 damage to the boss!

Bash goes next with another 200+. We're halfway there and CHAOS hasn't even had a turn!

CHAOS starts with his CRACK, as expected. Great, it missed!

Uh oh. CRACK is a multi target attack? I'd forgotten -- since three characters are always RIBBONed, it only ever kills one character, and that's if you don't get a WALL up first.

Crap and crap. CHAOS is halfway dead, but so is my party after he connects twice with the CRACK. Well, Round Two now starts, and there's nothing to do now but FIGHT.

CHAOS goes first with an ICE3. That's not too threatening, though it did roll a pretty high damage number there against Bash.

Hit lands another 180, and Bash 300. We're about one round away, if we can survive. Begin Round Three.

CHAOS goes first again, but with another unthreatening spell in LIT3. I've got two free attacks now...

Bash delivers another 400. Chaos now has 173 hit points left. Can Hit do it?


VICTORY ON ROUND THREE! With half a party, not even FASTed! Pure Berserker execution right to the end.

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