Final Fantasy: The Brawlers

Time for the grand finale. Neither my potion count nor walking body count proved any obstacle in the Temple. The final battle is a pure damage race, Fight - Fight - Fight - Fight against spells and CUR4. Can a battle plan of Fight - Fight - Fight - Fight take out the final boss?

FF1E0072.png - 5kb

Round one saw the CRACK fall ineffective as my warriors landed 350 damage.

FF1E0073.png - 5kb FF1E0075.png - 5kb

Round two brought a pitiful ICE3 against another 350 damage. Round three was more of the same, LIT3 versus yet another damage total of 350 from the Light Warriors. That's halfway there, while CHAOS is halfway to the CUR4, though far from halfway to killing anybody. (If this keeps up, it's quite conceivable that the CUR4 could go off but I still win anyway.)

FF1E0075.png - 5kb FF1E0076.png - 5kb

Round four, CHAOS cast INFERNO, which finally hit Foil hard. He had poison resistance (for CRACK) and ice resistance (for ICE3), but couldn't fit in fire or lightning resistance. (Now I know that the Dragon Armor provides elemental resistances and should be kept and used on the Ribbonless fighter.)

CHAOS is going through his spells quickly, but not too quickly; there's still a SLO2 to go before that infamous CUR4.

FF1E0078.png - 5kb

Round five brought a physical attack against my leader Epee - seriously denting his HP, one more of those and I'm in trouble with no healing allowed. But Kick landed at least a pair of crits for another 300 damage, and that final blow from Epee ended the variant.

So yes, Final Fantasy most certainly can be beaten without any magic usage at all, not even items! I leave you with this image, which was amusing to make although it really didn't fit into the narrative anywhere. :)

FF1E0058.gif - 13kb