I have played through Final Fantasy 1 and Final Fantasy 5 many times, and in some cases wrote stories and grand tales of the adventures. These are more than your routine playthrough; these are variant games with all sorts of unusual restrictions and rules. Most of this content ties into the forum thread at Realms Beyond here.

Final Fantasy 1:

The Berserkers

The Ironcore Team

The Brawlers

Final Fantasy 5:

The Nudists (8/26/2010)

Three Berserkers and a Nanny (9/19/2010)

FF1style! (3/8/2011)

Solo White Mage (3/30/2011)

Solo Gladiator (4/5/2011)

Solo Red Mage (4/18/2011)

Solo Necromancer (5/6/2011)

The Brave Bards (6/9/2011)

Solo Hardcore (1/3/2012)

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