Final Fantasy: Ironcore

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In the cave again, I ran into two MAGEs again -- but this time the gods smiled and both RUBs missed!

Now I was gaining some confidence.

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On my way to the Flame Sword, I encountered one lone SORCERER. Hah. I think I can handle that - either fighter will win in a single attack, and the RMs have a decent chance too.

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F--- YOU. Well, the fighters did kill him, but now I'm in too far to retreat. I'll have to push forward at least through the third floor, then decide on the first floor whether to go for the FLOATER or run back to civilization.

FIR2 beat the undead trap on the third floor.

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And my fighter beat the Frost D in one hit to claim the Ice Armor. Nice.

My next fight was against three more SORCERORs. I had to run...

but they went THREE-FOR-THREE on instant kills before I got an action.

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Quest over.

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Nope, folks, I can't always win. Turn the page for some parting thoughts.

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