Final Fantasy V - Solo White Mage

Final Fantasy V: Solo White Mage

Welcome to my report for a variant game of Final Fantasy V. Before you continue here, it would be a great idea to read through Sullla's site which has way more and better FF5 variant content than this one.

So Sullla played a whole lot of Final Fantasy V, each time using a single solo character restricted to a single job class. At last count he was up to 17 solos completed, missing the Red Mage, White Mage, Geomancer, Berserker, and Mime. The White Mage is certainly the most epic challenge waiting to happen, but after a gap of a year and an addiction to League of Legends, Sullla may never get there. He also never delivered on the same promise for Final Fantasy 1 (check the end of Blak's report.)

I apologize deeply for stealing Sullla's thunder, but the adventure of the solo white mage must be written for the world!

Solo White Mage!