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Peace and War

750ad-peace.jpg 759x763

Steam Power comes around to a few of the AIs the next turn. I've got to buy it, but can't afford the lump sum and can't pay per turn with my ruined reputation. So I renegotiate peace with India to pay per turn to get it. I recall this being mentioned on the RBCiv board, but not seeing it defined as an exploit. It's certainly dastardly; let's just go all the way with being an evil bastard here. flamingdevil.gif 22x18

Steam Power costs 60/turn, but reselling it to Egypt recoups most of that. And I've got FOUR coals! One was acquired in the war.

Greece alone among my rivals has any coal. India has one, but hasn't hooked it up. France is the only one that can afford any from me, for 17/turn.

Hah - I've got a CHOICE of where to build the Iron Works! Arbela and Bactra both can. Hmm. Bactra can do it faster, and loses less to corruption. But Arbela, which isn't coastal, can produce more shields in the long run, after hospitals and a police station. I pick Arbela for it because of this - it's my only good city on a river, and so the Iron Works will help greatly in building Hoover.

(Look, mom, I'm an AI! Beelined twenty tiles away from my capital in 1500 BC for an Iron Works spot biggrin.gif 15x15)

Max research switched to - yup - Electricity. Industrialization is calling, but we more need to irrigate our core. Also, it's a short hop to Replaceable Parts next, which I plan to get, hopefully while one of my rivals researches Industrialization. I only have about 15 workers, partially because we're industrious, but more because I never got to set up one city as a worker factory as I like to do. I peeled workers off cities that maxed at size 6 or 12, but that was about it.

During the rest of my Golden Age - 10 turns after the war - my cities build Universities and prebuilds for Factories. The cities that I'd left stuck at size 6 also build aqueducts, of course.

Electricity finishes in 830 AD, I sell it for a total of 270/turn, and now the rout is on.

Replaceable Parts finishes in 900 AD. Very helpfully - my goal now is to acquire techs as fast as possible for a space win - Iroquois and Greece researched Medicine and Industrialization and swapped those two techs. I sell Rep Parts to get both of those.

Sanitation and Scientific Method are my next two researches, with a Palace prebuild timed to complete on the same turn for Theory of Evolution. I take Atomic Theory and Electronics, and swap Arbela's prebuild to - SHAKESPEARE'S THEATER. I change production from the best wonder in the game to the worst? Yup.

Arbela right now is at size 17 after merging in a few workers, and that's actually the limit of how much happiness it can sustain. Shakespeare's will let my Iron Works city run at full size-20 production capability - and even get it into WLTKD. And it'll only delay Hoover by three turns. I can't build Hoover before Shakespeare's because in a few turns I'll finish Suffrage elsewhere and the cascade would take Shake's.

Arbela does indeed get both wonders in turn.

1100ad.jpg 836x754

The Iroquois eventually demand Scientific Method and get refused, and declare war. Then India allies with them against me, bringing a surprisingly big stack of Cavalry, especially considering they had to keep that stack together all through Greece's territory.

indian-cavalry.jpg 729x532

But a handful of artillery, an attack of leftover cavalry from the Egyptian war, and a wall of infantry end that idea quickly.

Several turns later, they'll both talk peace, but I'm not paying them 100 gold to call off the dogs. Then FRANCE allies as well.

But I don't mind France joining in. For most of the game I've had seven of the eight luxuries. But I've never had Dyes, since all of the dyes in the world are right next to each other, and the city in that spot has been constantly getting reconquered and razed in several different AI wars (including the ones I instigated with Egypt.)

So I sign RoP with Greece (I'm a bit surprised that my reputation still lets that happen), to get my units over to capture the Dyes city.

grenoble.jpg 800x404

leader.jpg 310x248And I get a Leader in there; can't think of anything better to do than form an army.

In 1200 AD, the Iroquois have researched Espionage; they give that tech and I give Steel for a peace treaty. Then peace with India won't cost me anything; I presume since now India won't be breaking an alliance to do it.

But France is still at war, and won't talk; and the domino I didn't want to fall does:

alliance.jpg 373x151

Well, I've had enough time to build military now that Greece is no danger and barely even a nuisance. I capture a couple of border cities. Greece will talk only six turns later, so I make peace then instead of pushing ahead to take Ergili that flipped away from me so long ago.

Speaking of flipping away from me:busiris-flip.jpg 689x517

But anyway, I'm at peace with everyone again, and it'd turn out that's where I'd stay.

1255ad-peace.jpg 831x732

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