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Arsenal of Democracy

russia-oil-sale.jpg 437x183

Of course, having the rest of the world at war allows one to clean up on deals like the above. My economy was still hurtling at full speed towards Future Techs, of course. You can't sell Future Techs, so once the tech tree ends, if my economy can't push 4-turn research with a cash surplus (and it doesn't look like it'll be able to), resource sales are the only way to pick up extra income.

Also, the glorious, glorious city of New Vancouver maxed out:

new-vancouver-max.jpg 768x421

233 shields per turn! I'll claim that record for the Epics biggrin.gif 15x15

Finally, I start picking up some more territory:

lagash-flip.jpg 987x649

Lagash flips! I had some crusher of a pressure on that city - including being only 3 rings away from my new capital. Also, Rome took out a Spanish city that was two tiles away from New Iqaluit (the size-8 city on the left side of that screen), so that city's borders expanded to gain more territory.

genetics.jpg 447x181

smokin.gif 21x15smokin.gif 21x15rotflmao.gif 120x15rotflmao.gif 120x15pimp.gif 22x23pimp.gif 22x23nya2.gif 15x15

Eventually, the Germans met their end at the talons of everyone else. Some idiot razed the Colossus, costing me one percent of the final scoring. rolleyes.gif 15x15

germans-destroyed.jpg 868x434

Of course, I'd been building plenty of settlers - one Babylonian city with lots of flood plains became an every-turn settler farm with Longevity - and I started poaching like a short-order cook at a poultry farmers convention.

poaching.jpg 1024x692

All of the "New" city names were Canadian cities founded in German cracks and razes, of course. This would add another 300-plus tiles to my count of 1500.

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