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The Incredible Collapsing AI

And so the game continues. I trade Medicine to Germany for Wines + The Corporation + 246g + 52/turn! There's the new "Monopoly Swine" tech trading factor in 1.29f. If only one civ has a tech, the first civ to buy it from them actually pays more than the beaker cost to research it. So you can do your own research, and sell the techs to everyone for more than it cost to research!

Scientific Method completes, Edo swaps its Palace to Theory of Evolution, grabbing the usual Atomic Theory and Electronics, and the leader I had kept around rushes Hoover. On that same turn, Babylon invaded with a few units, and gave me yet another GL. Nothing for him to rush, so he forms an army to load with infantry.

And now I get hit with the ridiculous bug where if you're supplying a resource to a civ that gets killed, your reputation gets shot. The still-OCCing Aztecs had declared war on Babylon while I was supplying them some Saltpeter for pocket change. They get eliminated, and wham, nobody would trade me tech for resources.

I reload from one turn back to get around that (although Sirian has since clarified that that's not the rule now; it's buyer beware when selling resources to weak civs.) Unfortunately, there's no way I can get the Aztecs to declare war on me to break the deal (we don't have the Intelligence Agency yet), so all I can do is gift them a useless 1/1 city on the northern tip of my continent, so that they don't get eliminated. Once the Saltpeter deal runs out, I declare war and eliminate the Aztecs myself for their idiocy, and - hah - get another GL for doing so. He also forms an army.

In 1505 AD, Babylon has finally fallen into Communism. Take a look at how much their cities starved due to the war weariness!

I see a shot to get three techs for giving up only one: Sci Method to Iroquois for Refining + Silks. Refining + Sci Meth to Egypt for Communism + Espionage. I then research Steel of course. (I'm not sure why that shot shows no research taking place...)

Somehow, I don't have Oil. There's two sources on the northern edge of my continent, but one at an Egyptian city and another at an Iroquois city. The game could do without the AIs knowing resource locations two ages before they should. The Iroquois have some extra, though - and inexplicably will trade me Oil + 300 gold for only Dyes! Huh?

I keep researching in my Democracy, and in 1575 AD I notice the Iroquois have also fallen into Communism. Babylon has not researched anything in approximately forever - still lacking even Medicine and Electricity while I'm up at Combustion. Unfortunately, Germany makes peace and sells Electricity to Babylon before I can pay them to get back at war. Babylon now has Replaceable Parts available as a next tech - I really want to conquer them before they get Infantry.

So now I load up three transports, each with an army full of Infantry (the Pentagon has been built), two separate infantry, and an artillery, and send each to one of the rubber sources on Babylon's continent. (Nobody else has a spare rubber to trade them, and in any event we're all embargoing against Babylon anyway.) They land on their destinations, and stay there for about ten turns until the tanks start pouring in.

Now this is what I like to see!

In 1600, Motorized Transport comes in, but our Oil deal with the Iroquois has expired. And now it costs a bit more. I didn't realize that resource prices depended on what units you could actually build, but it makes sense. That means that the time to trade for Oil is one turn before you discover Combustion, which will probably last until several turns after tanks are available.

I can only get the Oil by trading away another tech, so Atomic Theory to Iroquois for Oil + Silks + 194g, and to Germany for 1460 + 14/turn.

I start invading Babylon with tanks while researching Flight. War weariness finally makes an appearance after I've razed about four Babylonian cities. I decide to leave Babylon city for last, since it's got Leonardo's Workshop that I want to capture and keep.

This is rather odd: a worker showing as this city's defense after the tanks had killed a few rifles. When the next tank attacked, a longbow defended. Weird.

Oh, and no Great Leaders have come after about twenty elite tank victories. I don't always get the luck there.

In 1645 AD, war weariness suddenly skyrockets from 17% to 53% in one turn! Well, now what do I do? Stick it out with luxury taxes until the current alliances expire and I can make peace with Babylon? Swap back to Republic and make peace a bit later? Swap back to Monarchy, forgo research and Modern Armor for good, and use artillery all I want to root out infantry? The only problem with that idea is Germany and Iroquois might make it to Mech Infantry before I can conquer them; they have six Industrial techs to go.

Also, I fully intend to honor my ancient promise to Cleopatra: to not conquer any Egyptian city until there are no other opponents on Earth. They lack rubber, though, and have very little chance of ever acquiring any, so it should be easy enough to do when the time comes.

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