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Yeah, right.

In 1822 AD, with Thebes at 15005 culture:

He can't be serious, can he? I just got tanks and he hasn't researched Atomic Theory. I reinforce each city with ten infantry and artillery (thanks to transports sailing port-to-port.)

He's serious. (What's with all the regular infantry? Didn't he build Sun Tzu's?)


Wow, that's the biggest "negative war weariness" I've ever seen. Thebes had five happy faces, now it has TEN.

No need to recount any details. The only interesting bit was that I was losing the naval war badly, until a huge DUH occurred to me - you can bombard ships with land-based artillery. After that, I sank a 1-hp Battleship with a GALLEON!

Greece of course plops right back into their fourth anarchy of the game, after about two turns. And we got this.

Funny part was that was the last Greek unit on the island, and it had to go elsewhere to record an army victory. Thebes finally got to build the Epic, though.

Greece mounted one last invasion:

You think they just might be losing or something?

I captured all of Middle Island and the two tiny islands. I could make peace now, but Greece is still in anarchy. I waited for them to emerge in Communism, but surprisingly they go for Republic. I consider keeping it up to collapse them AGAIN, but decided not to, since I'm at 33% weariness myself. We make peace.

Modern Age went Computers (as always) - Ecology - Fission (Thebes built the Manhattan Project for one last bit of culture) - game ended before Space Flight came in.

Cultural Win in 1924 AD. Pretty fast for a 20k cultural win, in fact. Having only one opponent, and so being able to grab four of the seven ancient wonders, rather helped there. :) Score only 2279, probably one of the lower scores in this Epic. Now THERE's a misnomer: "RBCiv-7 the Conqueror" on the ranking screen. Was my first win ever that didn't get Magnificent.

This was a pretty interesting game, and it sure played quickly (although quickly for me is about 15 hours of game time. The last war, although completely irrelevant, took me around two hours.) Obviously, the AI was never programmed to figure out that it's got only one opponent. There should never be a reason for it to make peace in a one-on-one game - especially not giving any concessions. The human player can really manipulate the flow of the game in a two-player situation, and probably do so even on full-blown Deity.

The early Monarchy beeline was also interesting. I think it really helped to be out from under Despotic restrictions while researching most of the Ancient techs. The downtime while doing the researching was a bit long, but that was a great time for all the cities to get the settlers and workers out there without worrying about building anything else yet.

One other funny little note - I never got either of the medieval horse-unit techs, and so could build War Chariots clear up to the end of the game.

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- T-hawk, 7/23/2002

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