The Weird Error Message Gallery

These are all genuine error messages I've gotten from Windows or Windows applications.

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odbc.gif 516x272

Access and ODBC get really confused.

accesse.gif 466x133

And now Access is completely clueless as to what happened.

help.gif 267x118

Look at the buttons. Yes, the right button brought up a help file.

toplevel.gif 339x119

Look at the title bar. Does this look like a top-level directory?

delete.gif 368x126

This one's from Windows NT, and is without a doubt the funniest dialog box I've ever seen from any program. The mind just boggles...

cancel.gif 185x102

So do I stop the operation or stop the operation?

I swear that Visual Basic delivered me this exact error message box while working on an Excel macro. It was not a debugging Msgbox() output; VB did this all by itself.

crash_msg.gif 272x126

OK, great. What kind of error?

EmptyBox.png 637x451

"... "

help404.png 760x709

How does this happen? MSDN Library isn't on the web, it's a local desktop application.

helpme.png 419x192

Uh oh. Now how do I get support for this crash?

microsof.jpg 436x445


microsoft2.png 497x428

I said, ha-ha!

outlooksucks.png 586x428

Er, it sure looks to me like Outlook is installed...

paulerror.jpg 380x68

That's a lot of dropped frames.

Word-Error.gif 495x131

Microsoft Word can't start Microsoft Word? OK, so then who started Microsoft Word?

windowsupdate.png 504x384

I love this one. Yes, I would like to continue keeping my computer!

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