The Weird Error Message Gallery

These are all genuine strange or funny web site occurrences.

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amazon.gif 591x349

The dangers of Amazon product matching. We see you bought a CD wallet, so we're sure that you would like to buy Pirates of the Caribbean to put into it?

brains.gif 254x118

Amusing headline collision on CNN.

cnn-ibm-down.png 478x250

The dangers of "real-time" stock ticker info. IBM, down $0.04, was higher?

gmail-ad.gif 786x260

Great use of your advertising budget -- have Google Ads show your error message to potential customers.

image001.jpg 638x119

Someone sent this to me. I can't imagine MSIE did that by itself - must have been a javascript page popup.

ms.png 891x113

An amusingly truncated error message.

newsday-mta-ad.png 782x402

Another collision of advertisement with subject matter. The article is about the New York City blackout of 2003. "Day of peace and tranquility" indeed.

blocked.png 920x691

This one needs a bit of explanation. The item was something relating to World War II that's politically sensitive in Germany. I had my system language set to German in order to test an internationalization issue at work. Ebay actually decided I was in Germany just because the system was set to German language preferences.

YahooError.png 699x215

This one is just bizarre. We all know 404 Not Found, but what kind of error is 302 Found? And why does 302 Found cause an attempt to use an ErrorDocument, which in turn spawns another 302 Found "error"?

rci-fail.png 782x621

We've all seen scripting errors reported on web pages, but this one popped up in a perfect pairing underneath that headline...

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