Cleaning Up Loose Ends

More peace ensues. Lots more buildup. Factories, Coal Plants (pity we can't build Hoover), Hospitals, Universities everywhere. Wall Street comes in 1330 AD and Suffrage somewhere around the same time.

1410: Theory of Evolution for Electronics and Refining. I should have the tech lead from here on. One small problem: we have no Rubber!

1485: Mass Production. Motorized Transport due in 6 turns, but tanks need rubber and nobody has any to trade. Russia's got it at an island city just east of the northern tip of Japan. Gonna have to blitz them with cavalry... Unfortunately, they're MPPed with China, who is my only Spices supplier... well, gonna have to deal with that. Cathy won't be goaded into war, so I have to declare.

Is this enough?

Heh, whoops, taking Krasnoyarsk gave the rubber to Babylon. I had brought the workers intending to build a colony. Well, we'll just have to rush culture in Krasnoyarsk right away. Conveniently, it's got a harbor already to ship out the rubber once we get it. That also triggered Russia's MPP with China, but they're unlikely to bother us.

Uh oh,

Russia's got a Stack of Doom...

but it all beats itself to death against Kiev. Good thing Kiev was up to Metro status for the defense boost. Lots of rifles went elite during that defense, with no losses.

A cavalry counterattacking at Kiev gets a GL, makes army which gets a win. Finally!

Bah, who needs tanks?

(Moscow didn't have any infantry left; they all attacked Kiev and then Russia lost their rubber.)

"Sir, we have a new source of Iron!"
"Near Bayshore."
"That's the same place that you said 'ran out' of iron 700 years ago! You idiots went 700 years without looking deeper in the mine?"
Back to our story...

Cutting to the chase, Russia's other cities did have infantry, so we wait for our glorious tanks and in 1520 wipe out Russia from our continent. (I'd expected it to be sooner, but had gotten so used to 3-move cavalry I forgot that tanks only had 2. :) ) War weariness is at 30% already. Make peace; they concede Riga, a city on a southern tundra island that has oil (except that the oil goes inside China's borders until Riga expands.)

Meanwhile, we're still technically at war with China. I'll take this opportunity to take China's city on the three-square island to our southwest for the scenario points. China moves a handful of swordsmen up to Riga; I abandon the city rather than take the war weariness hit. Also, I autoraze China's city on the northern island.

1565: Make peace with China; he'll pay 10 gpt.

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