The Cold War

We enter the Modern Age in about 1540, and run full steam ahead (full nuclear ahead?) on tech, getting everything (some of it barely) in 4 turns. We're committed to finishing the Modern Age for the scenario points - Aegis Cruisers and Missile Defense, plus those Future Techs look VERY lucrative. For the first time ever, I research the bottom line of the tree first. We actually want the stuff there: Computers to get Research Labs going, Offshore Platforms since there's huge areas of water within my cities, Longevity to get all the Japanese cities up to full size, and Cure for Cancer for the heck of it. Next up is Ecology; we're producing hideous amounts of pollution.

There's four viable opposing civs left - none have ever been at serious war with a core city attacked - Persia, Babylon, Egypt, and China. They stayed several techs behind in the Industrial Age, but somehow mostly caught up in the Modern age. Probably because they were able to share research, instead of having to all simultaneously research Motorized Transport or Radio.

A new coal pops up for us. We have 5 extra coal! Babylon never even got to fully railroad their area.

Eventually, I trade Ecology around for their free Rocketry advance and pick up Amphibious War. Somebody also researches Fission while I'm on the space branch of the tree. I get the UN uncontested, of course. Hopefully somebody else will also research Advanced Flight, which you do need to research Future Tech. In 1680, Babylon completes Hoover, after I'm eight techs into the modern age. Totally forgot about that. With that, they'll probably be the main competitor for space, although their terrain still isn't fully railroaded. I trade around Genetics after building both wonders, getting the highest price I've ever seen from an AI civ:

I activate the Intelligence Agency, and get lucky, planting a spy in each of the four civs on the first try. I neglected to ever establish an embassy with Persia. Upon doing so, I find a mindbogglingly sad state of affairs. (Apparently they sold a harbor?)

I check on something: Of the big four, only Persia's got Uranium! Spectacularly improbably, Japan (hopelessly behind in the Industrial Age) has THREE in their scattered worldwide cities, Russia and Zulu (also way behind) each have one, and I've got three. Japan's got ONE city on Babylon's continent, and it's holding on to Uranium. I'm shocked it's never culture flipped; it must have quite a garrison.

1745: China gets the first AI spaceship part in production, according to the spy. Persia asks for Uranium in a world map trade -- huh? Their uranium moved to Egypt!

This is a surprisingly tense race in modern times. Not to build the spaceship - I had 9 parts completed before anyone started one - but to see how many (if any) Future Tech scenario points I can get before somebody launches a spaceship. Man, that tech tree DOES take a WHILE to finish off even after you've got the spaceship ready. I decide to establish the Milking Line here: I will conquer each civ's capital to destroy the spaceship when necessary once. When I do that to the last of the four viable civs, that's "having my heel to their throat", the game's considered over, and I'll launch.

I pick up the 10 Aegis Cruisers, of course. Smile for the camera!

By 1786 AD, China's getting close to the spaceship, having 7 parts done and two in production. Without Uranium, they can't build the Fuel Cells. But the Fuel Cells are only 160 shields, so if they get Uranium and I don't notice it for a turn, they could win.

For the first time ever, I use the spy to Steal Plans.

Think they're ready for a war?

Whether to invade is a real tough call. But I'm now researching Integrated Defense with a prebuild ready, and nobody has built the Manhattan Project (though I keep a prebuild ready). I think I'll wait. But if China ever gets uranium and starts the Fuel Cells (must remember to check diplomacy and space race EVERY TURN), I'm going in.

In 1800, I trade some cash to Babylon for Recycling, finish Advanced Flight, and start researching Future Tech 1. Man, it's expensive...

Now Persia has uranium... and Egypt doesn't! Look for it on the map... yup, it moved again!

1802: Manhattan Project, and I start building some ICBMs to have on hand 'just in case'.

1814: I check the Space Race screen, and China has 8 built and 2 in production. Who gave them uranium? Nope, the Incredible Bouncing Uranium left Persia and is now in China! Gotta kill that spaceship, NOW!

Can't goad China into war by demanding they leave (a number of boats have been wandering around), and I can't imagine that reputation matters now. :) So I sneak attack.

With an ICBM.

To take Beijing this turn, I have to also nuke and take a coastal city to the south. I planned for that, though, and have a big pile of Marines at the ready.

Crap! I can't reach Beijing this turn - the nuke destroyed the roads outside Tsingtao! The space race screen now shows China with only one spaceship part in production, though, so I'm safe.

Everyone except Japan and Russia declares war, so I've got only my own local luxuries. Lux to 20% compensates for this turn (weariness doesn't kick in until a turn after you declare war.)

This has GOT to be a record for ONE TURN OF WAR:

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