What happened next?

Fact #1: This Democracy is going to last about five milliseconds.
Fact #2: Future Techs are REALLY expensive even in Democracy.
Fact #3: I'm going to be stuck in Monarchy for good.
Fact #4: The only reason it's even been going this long is because of a lucky fluke of uranium distribution.
Fact #5: I now know I can play indefinitely by conquering capitals repeatedly.
Fact #6: I'm tired of this and want to start Epic Three. :)

I take Beijing with armors anyway to give me a couple turns of safety to wrap things up. Throw lux slider to 100%. Take the city on the two-square island near Zululand. Take the few cities left on Japan's continent, bring in settlers to fill the cultural gaps, rush libraries (by disbanding armors) to make sure I stay at #1 in Literacy.

Throw in the Planetary Party Lounge for a Space Race win in 1820 AD.

Endgame Starting Continent
Endgame Japanese Continent
Endgame Islands Controlled
Scenario score:

25 pts - Victory
5 pts - Adam Smith's
4 pts - Magellan's
3 pts - Hanging Gardens
5 pts - Highest Literacy
6 pts - control starting continent
9 pts - Three additional landmasses (the two smallest islands and Japan's continent)
2 pts - First Contact with Russians (didn't get it for anyone else)
0 pts - size 30 cities. Should have kept this in mind when founding them :(
10 pts - control all gems (duh :)
4 pts - Strategic Missile Defense
4 pts - Future Techs
1 pt - Whale resources (only got the one directly south from the start)
10 pts - AEGIS Cruisers (one may have died on the last turn, I wasn't watching, but upkeep scroll-ahead could have gotten a replacement.)
88 scenario points, plus (unlikely) possibilities for fastest launch (1820) and highest score (3807).

Missing Shakespeare's really hurt, as did not paying attention to size-30 city locations. My plan had been to rack up lots of Future Techs, which I still could have done anyway (even in Monarchy, at least twenty by 2050AD). But I was arguably going over the border into milking, plus I was just plain tired of playing, so I ended it. I FAR underestimated how hard it is to get Future Techs, since I was used to Civ 2 and Alpha Centauri where you could pull in two or three PER TURN.

I love discussing Civ 3, especially with fellow Realms Beyond Epic players. Send comments to erik - at - dos486.com!

- T-hawk , 6/21/2002

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