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Adventure Ten: Legionnaire

This is the story of my game of Civilization IV Adventure Nine from Realms Beyond Civilization.

So this is a Tiny map, with a scenario that encourages warmaking. Well, we know I can pull off a tiny map axeman rush on Emperor, so there's really nothing at all to prove by doing it with Praetorians on Prince.

So I'll go off at a right angle to reality and play for a Cultural Victory, just because I haven't done that yet in Civ 4. Caesar's traits of Expansive and Organized aren't really geared towards that, but that's fine with me, to play my first cultural game without the crutches of free Creative culture or cheap Spiritual culture or Philosophical great artists or Industrious wonders.

This report probably won't be particularly interesting; a cultural victory on a tiny map down on Prince difficulty is hardly a challenge. (And there's no suspense: I won.) So this is more just a scenic journey, but you're invited along for the ride.

And there is that pesky little requirement of "must have the largest army" at game end to claim victory... well, I'll deal with that somehow down the road.

The Report