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Adventure Twenty-six: Holiday Surprise

This is the story of my game of Civilization IV Adventure Twenty-six from Realms Beyond Civilization.

This game ran a year and a half ago, at Christmas 2007. Why am I suddenly playing it in August 2009? I was bored. smile.gif - 1kb

I remember the gimmick - an isolated start with zero resources - but none of the map or opponent details. Of course the biggest problem will be tight health and happy caps. But hey, we are both Expansive and Charismatic for higher caps! I've talked before about matching the civilization choice to the scenario, and this one was correct.

Now I know that the game was difficult - as is any isolated start on Immortal, resources or no. And I do know that the only victory recorded was by sooooo with some masterful Apostolic Palace cheese.

Since I've been dubbed the RB master of cultural victories, I feel compelled to try that approach. Now the best thing to do in the early game will be to hog wonders. Without resources, cottage cities don't have enough food to grow quickly, and don't have any food at all to work mines. I plan to skip cottages for the legendary cities at first, and maybe permanently, going for a hammer-oriented culture victory.

As a Charismatic leader, Stonehenge seems obvious. With an isolated start, there's no rush to settle so we can do that right away at the capital. Also, I'm really going to need a religion, for 2 happy space including its temple. Well, since we don't need any resource worker techs, and there's no rush to settle, and I'm trying to land both Stonehenge and Oracle, let's see if we can get to Judaism.

So here we go.