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Adventure Twenty-nine: Winter Wasteland

This is the story of my game of Civilization IV Adventure Twenty-nine from Realms Beyond Civilization.

Hi again!

So I just picked up BTS a couple weeks ago, in time to play The Dutch Masters. That closed two weeks before this game, but this one didn't appeal to me. Immortal difficulty on a hostile, barren map didn't seem like what I wanted for just my second game of BTS, while the Ethiopia game looked quite inviting.

I started playing Epic 19, but then recalled how much I dislike Epic speed, which is exacerbated in BTS with even more game features clamoring for the player's attention on every turn. Then I looked at the Sid's Sushi game as well (Epic 16), but that was also on Epic speed. So, with only a week before Winter Wasteland closed, I decided to try at least its opening moves and see how it turned out. It became compelling - and short - enough that I was able to finish it in only three days. So here's the report.

So here's the report.