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Adventure Fourteen: King of India

This is the story of my game of Civilization IV Adventure Fourteen from Realms Beyond Civilization.

There's not much pregame analysis to do here, since it's Just Win with no scoring. Asoka's traits of Organized and Spiritual, and the UU of the Fast Worker, don't really lend themselves to any particular type of victory. The variant rule of not attacking another civ who shares your state religion would put the brakes on a military win. I've never yet played a full-blown game on Emperor difficulty (only Epics 5 and 7), so I'll just start building and see what happens.

I've never played a Maze map, but I know what it looks like. The chief strategic consideration is that most of the cities will probably be coastal, so the two early coastal wonders (Colossus and Great Lighthouse) may be nice prizes.

The Report