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Adventure Eleven: Divided We Fall

This is the story of my game of Civilization IV Adventure Eleven from Realms Beyond Civilization.

The pre-game for this one had me thinking quite a lot. The scoring is by fastest finish regardless of victory type. So how should I play it? Conquest is out by the variant rules (can't capture cities from your starting continentmates). Space and time victory are obviously out for fastest. That leaves domination, culture, or diplomacy.

Culture is a pretty reliable victory condition, but it doesn't finish until around 1800 AD at the earliest and probably closer to 1900. Diplomacy can be beelined a century earlier, but the game setup might make getting peaceful votes quite difficult. Domination is the only victory possible before 1700 AD, but that will be quite a task: on Monarch difficulty, against united teams, on a large map, on Normal and not Epic speed. And to reach domination, we'll need to conquer pretty much the entire world off our starting continent since we have to leave our on-continent rival(s) alone. And that'll take time since our capital seems to be nowhere near the coast -- and also in all likelihood we'll need Astronomy to make any progress.

So with these questions yet unanswered, let's begin.

The Report