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G-minor 99

This is the story of my game of Civilization IV G-minor 99 from Civilization Fanatics Center.

What am I doing playing a CFC Hall of Fame game? I'm not quite sure. I'd never been interested in messing around with the mod. The path here started when I tried to play a few turns in Realms Beyond PBEM4 for Kylearan. I ran into problems with custom assets, and ended up downloading the HOF mod to use its assets checker to help figure that out. Then there was (is) the Barley Demons team for SGOTM11 where I'm participating. Since I now had the HOF mod installed and working, I figured I may as well jump in and play some turns there too.

I'm not sure how, but somehow the G-minor 99 HOF challenge caught my eye. I've never tried competing for the HOF so I'd like to see how it might go. The parameters were right up my alley, I've had something of an obsession with speedy culture victories lately. Just for anyone who didn't click through to the G-minor 99 thread, here are the parameters:

Victory Condition: Cultural (though all victory conditions must be enabled)
Difficulty: Chieftain
Starting Era: Ancient
Map Size: Standard
Map Type: Any
Speed: Epic
Civ: Any
Opponents: Any
Must not play as Inca.

I selected my six opponents, chosen just as the AIs most willing to trade techs. Mansa, Peter, Pericles, Wang Kon, Willem, and Frederick. Asoka would be on the list but we can't play against him if I'm playing India myself.

I actually made two tries at the challenge. The first was a game as Ramesses, winning in 1170 AD, but I could see that faster was very much possible. I learned a few lessons from that game:

The Report