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Adventure Thirteen: Sixth Column

This is the story of my game of Civilization IV Adventure Thirteen from Realms Beyond Civilization.

Sirian has given us an interesting list of variant restrictions for this game. The intent is to rule out the Pyramids and the Civil Service slingshot, by the rule of building no great wonders in your capital. And the "Walls First" requirement mostly eliminates the Great Prophet version of the CSS, since you need Masonry before you can build anything that earns Great Prophet points.

But there's still a couple of loopholes. First is that we can still slingshot CS with *two* Prophets (we're Philosophical) by using the first for Theology and avoiding Monarchy to block Divine Right. Or we can simply build the Oracle in the _second_ city, after building walls as prescribed. So let's see if that turns out to be a possibility.

Finally, the scoring conditions of the game -- fastest finish regardless of victory type -- make it clear that we're going for a conquest victory. This is the same rule as for Adventure 11, but the game setup is much different this time. Instead of Monarch difficulty against united teams on a large map with big continents, this is Prince difficulty on a standard-size archipelago. Culture turned out to be faster than military options in Adventure 11, but in this game, military will certainly be faster than culture, space, or diplomacy. And domination is out as a military option because of the 6CC restriction, which leaves conquest as the plan.

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