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Adventure Forty-seven: Starfall

This is the story of my game of Civilization IV Adventure Forty-seven from Realms Beyond Civilization.

We have an interesting scenario here, nominally on Deity difficulty but with a number of starting advantages. One is to start with Satellites tech. Neat call, it's interesting to play with the map revealed. And Communism. Another interesting call - although a few players did the early State Property thing in Mao's Muse, we haven't done an event with that across the board. The idea seems to be that we can use State Property in order to settle the first two cities far apart.

And we start with two settlers and a worker, just like a Deity AI... an explorer, also kind of neat, we don't use those often... a Great General warrior, also a cute open-ended choice.

And a Great Artist and a Great Engineer. Didn't we do this already? Like twice? Are we seriously doing the Kremlin-from-turn-one thing again? The Kremlin is even more powerful here than it was in Hannibal's Muse, with the State Property +10% hammers multiplying in, and an Intelligence Agency available to synergize with a settled Great Spy. Wish I knew a bit more about the sponsor's intent here - are we supposed to do that or is the Kremlin just an unavoidable side effect of allowing State Property?

The Report