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G-minor 99

Quite a nice start here. Pigs, plains hill, and 8 flood plains! First research to AH naturally.

4000bc.jpg - 55kb

And popped a worker on turn zero! No he is not going to stay home to improve the pigs - he is going to pop huts. Those huts gave...

hut-scout1.jpg - 61kb

a scout - great on turn 2 to find more huts, like this one -

hut-worker2.jpg - 38kb

who found a second worker,

hut-fishing.jpg - 27kb

Fishing (whoopee),

hut-scout2.jpg - 68kb

another scout (great since now that worker can return home to start pasturing, just in time for AH),

hut-pottery.jpg - 26kb


hut-settler.jpg - 32kb

and the biggest prize of all, a settler.

Plus three huts for cash and one map.

bombay.jpg - 90kb

Here's the city from that settler. And after AH, I researched Polytheism and got it first (yeah Chieftain gets pretty dumb.) Hinduism even pops Bombay's border for free.

seoul-warriors.jpg - 30kb

My nearest neighbor turned out to be Korea, about fifteen tiles away. The next question is whether I can warrior-rush Seoul with only my two warriors? Well, C&D investigation reveals that Seoul is putting 6 units/turn into something. But the mfg-goods graph still shows only 1 hammer. Must be a worker. No risk of additional defense. I can wait and hopefully steal the worker too.

So Delhi built a couple more warriors to send towards Seoul. Bronze Working in 3200 BC and whipped Delhi's granary. Decided to go for Masonry - Monotheism next.

Seoul finished its worker and I have two more warriors over there, so now it's time...

seoul-shit-luck.gif - 29kb

OH BITE ME. My first three warriors won ONE OUT OF THIRTEEN COMBAT ROUNDS. The odds of that were 1 - (3.26/(2+3.26))^12 * 13 = 0.042. Less than a 5% chance of luck that bad. (Actually that works out to much higher than I'd thought, it felt like a 1 in 1000s result.)

I still must capture Seoul though. It is definitely the best legendary-to-be site in sight - two big food resources, four hammer tiles, and plenty of cottageland.

Well, then I figured out the fastest way to get some strong units there. Settle this city over here...

upgrade-axe.jpg - 59kb

and upgrade two warriors to axemen.

seoul-captured.jpg - 66kb

There we go. I did not try to capture the Korean worker which was down on the horses. When my axemen reached the city, it had 34 hammers in the box. I could not take the chance on that being an archer or chariot, so whacked the city right away.

And the delay was really not bad. Seoul grew two sizes, and its worker improved the pigs and horse. Fine with me. And hey, the capture gold even pays back for one axeman upgrade.

2300bc.jpg - 125kb

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