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Beyond the Domination Limit

So here's a final overview. (Yes, I'm at Future Tech 14 while the AIs are at Steam Power.)

1886ad.jpg 1130x799

In 1886 AD, the land percentage is at 63.77%, just one or two tiles shy of domination. So I go into end game mode:

Domestic advisor, with culture production:

domestic-advisor.jpg 966x539

Economic advisor:

economic-advisor.jpg 851x300

corp-income.jpg 399x252839 in corporate maintenance, but my Wall Street corp HQ is pulling in 1188 gold from the corps.

corp-advisor.jpg 441x288

Sampling of the corporation advisor: that's 10 food, 8 hammers, and 104 culture in each city.

graph-gnp.jpg 781x615

GNP graph; that's just a slaughter. What's interesting is that it never levels out, or even dips at all with the corporations; it's a sheer straight line upwards as I kept culturally assimilating and developing more territory. Also interesting is the lack of impact of Golden Ages, as compared with the production graph where all three GAs are clearly visible.

graph-prod.jpg 783x615
victory.jpg 646x372

Anyway, Domination Victory in 1888 AD. 40735 culture and 2672 science. 43407 points.

hof.jpg 716x58

80746 Firaxis score on the first entry in my BTS Hall of Fame. Now let's go to the videotape:

replay-100ad.jpg 888x352

From the replay, here's what I meant about culture assimilation. Here's my Portuguese border after the Viking war.

replay-1570ad.jpg 894x335

And here's my Portuguese border now. Not a single shot was fired! Joao and I were best friends the whole time, while my corporate culture ate over half his empire! Something is a bit too powerful here, I think...

replay-1888ad.jpg 869x357

Anyway, that was a fun game, and I don't at all regret the purchase of BTS to play it. I may share more thoughts on BTS in the Realms Beyond forums; stay tuned.