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Now monasteries were obsolete, all my culture border wars were thoroughly won, and my cities were parked on Wealth. So I could give up my state religion and useless Org Rel in favor of Free Religion's happiness and research, plus it won't hurt to get Elizabeth's favorite civic. Also, now I have mature towns everywhere, so time to go to Universal Suffrage. And finally now without Rep, Mercantilism is inferior to Free Market. So that's a three-way civics change, and it's worthwhile to finally pop my 1-man Golden Age, with the Artist saved all the way from Music. I waited for this until Apollo was done and Superconductors researched so that my cities could have spaceship parts to build with Golden Age hammers.

Well, one thread missed with the Simple Life game plan is any use of corporations. Holy Roman is the ideal civ to abuse corporations, dirt cheap with the Rathaus. But none were worth trying here. Definitely not the food ones, with only a handful of resources and no health and happiness to support the extra population anyway. Nor the hammer ones, with even fewer resources. The one corp that held promise was Standard Ethanol, for 18 + 150% = 45 beakers per city, and pay for itself in cash. But it wasn't worth spending the builds and hammers to speed the space race by about two turns.

Only my capital built a factory and power plant, and it would do all the heavy lifting on late wonders (Broadway, Eiffel) and big spaceship parts.

I had to spend two extra builds on supermarkets to counteract water poisoning. :P Yeah, espionage also suffered in the Simple Life.

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A few wars finally broke out, with Louis losing to Peter and Isabella then vassalizing to the latter. Then those two declared on Mansa (with a really loud horn trumpeting that certainly made me jump...) That war lasted several dozen turns while I quietly built my spaceship, and ended with Mansa also vassalizing to Isabella.

aachen-hammers.jpg - 28kbThe unavoidable free Great Engineer at Fusion went for an extra Golden Age paired with a surplus Scientist that spawned. That GA let me pull another favorite trick of revolting to Bureaucracy / State Property after finishing the last research, in order to build the last SS piece a touch faster. After that I stopped research and ran all cash for upgrading leftover longbows to modern units. I forgot to account for the launch victory delay (really, what in the world does that add to the game?) and spawned one extra useless Great Person during that time.

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Space Race Victory in 1852 AD.

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GNP graph. Don't be alarmed by that Lehman-like plunge; that's just the effect of going from research to cash after the spaceship techs were done.

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Final count: 17 combat units, 30 utility units, 82 buildings, 12 wonders. (I actually had a few more units than that, with post-flip freebies and the two captured barbarian workers.) 141 builds. Not quite better than my OCC space win of 133 builds, but that's under half of zeka's Simple Life total and far fewer than any other normal win. I'm satisfied.

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Thanks to TheArchduke Compromise both sponsors for the game. nod.gif - 2kb