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Adventure Forty: The Illuminati

Moving south would prevent locking one sugar out of play, but would cost 3 hills. Since this capital is going to be very important and Legendary, it's not worth sacrificing half its productivity for one sugar. Gotta break some cubes to make frosted flakes, or something like that.

4000bc.jpg - 41kb

Freshwater corn means worker and Agriculture first == duh. The auto-border-pop got gold. Later huts gave a scout and experience for the scout.

After Agriculture, straight to Bronze - don't need any other worker techs and I want to chop a work boat. Bronze revealed no copper, so straight to Archery for settler escorts. Halfway through Archery, a scout finally found the copper just to the east.

iron-working.jpg - 45kb

Wowee - Iron Working from a hut in 2520 BC! And we WERE given iron right at the start!

OK, so the Praet rush is intended and obvious. But that exact fact makes me still decline to do it. Everybody else is going to be Praet rushing, so I'll go explore another path. What happens if we don't molest these AI civs? Also, even though it's close by, the iron's location is a bit awkward. Rome won't reach it until 500 culture, which means either a wonder or a second city. So I'll stick to my plan.

antium.jpg - 83kb

Here's city two, Antium, clearly a Legend to be. Plenty of food, four hills for building, some cottageable land. I likely intend to cottage those spices. Antium's plan is the Oracle - as happens when I have precise Great Person plans, the Oracle goes into a secondary city in order to "hide" the Great Prophet points. It's also cheap culture towards Legendary.

I intended to grab AESTHETICS with the wonder on the way to Music. But...

oracle.jpg - 73kb

Zounds! 1000 BC on Monarch is quite quick! Beaten by two turns! (Chop coming there.)

Anyway, I had to research Aesthetics - Literature myself, starting on the Parthenon. Babylon turned up with Alphabet, and accepted Aesthetics + Iron Working in trade for it, and brokered for Sailing + Masonry.

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