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Adventure Forty-three: An Otherworldly Experience

The current Golden Age is the 2-man, third overall including the Taj. There was a certain rhythm to the Golden Age timings. Several cities would go into hammer shortage when each Golden Age ran out, and I could let them sit in shortage for 10 turns or so until the food boxes almost emptied, then trigger another GA. In that way, it worked out to run the 3-man Golden Age right after the happy/hit wonders completed (helping to build Ethanol execs), and the 4-man GA for building spaceship parts at the end.

I kept getting a million Great People with the constant flow of golden ages and huge piles of specialists. Didn't even keep track of what or where. Scientists went for academies (and one saved for Ethanol), the rest all for Golden Ages.

hannibal-free-market.jpg - 11kbI traded Hannibal Economics to get Mil Tradition, then paid him to switch out of Mercantilism to Free Market, turning my trade routes back on. Also threw in a Free Religion swap to poison his relations with the other Hindu AIs.

Emancipation also made an interesting story. I could not adopt it myself, since Caste System was absolutely essential, both for mega scientists and workshop hammers. But I also didn't want to eat its anger either. So twice I paid Hannibal for civics switches, each just to block him from revolting to Emancipation for five turns. Later, I had enough EP available to spy-bonk both Monty and Hannibal back to Caste several times.

Extremely belatedly, I finally realized the right solution to happy. The culture slider! With research running entirely on specialists, it really didn't cost much economy. One 10% culture click only cost 75 beakers, and put 2 specialists x 6 beakers x +100% multipliers x 10 cities = 240 beakers back to work! And the second culture click did even better (+3 happy specialists) thanks to Colosseums.

Laboratories went up, but Industrial Parks weren't worth building. 3 beakers from an engineer x +100% would take 33 turns to pay back over 200 units of Wealth instead, and the finish will not take that long. (The engineer's hammers just zero out against the health loss.)

Spaceship tech path was actually the usual, despite the bizarreness of this game. Superconductor first for labs, Plastics next (although for Ethanol instead of the Dam), then to Genetics, acquire Rifling from an AI (stolen from Hannibal with trickle EP). Apollo for Rocketry, then up to Fusion, and finish with Ecology.

However, my tech pace was far enough ahead of production that Apollo didn't finish until the same turn as Ecology! That meant it was correct to continue research to Robotics (took only 1 turn!) and use the Great Engineer from Fusion to whack out the Space Elevator. The Elevator was considerably more helpful than usual, with its nominal +50% representing a bigger actual percentage gain, in the absence of factory and power multipliers.

gems.jpg - 38kb

This was funny. I had workers building a few windmills for commerce for ship parts, especially down here at Texcoco, my worst city. Just before they finished the windmill, they discovered GEMS underneath the hill!

1655ad.jpg - 143kb

Anyway, here's a look as we finish up the spaceship. With 14 cities and 16 spaceship parts total, I assigned one part to each city, except that one Engine was omitted and one city doubled up on two cheap parts.

Stupid Bactrian miscalculated and is going to cost me one turn on the launch date. I even tried to save that turn with a plan of revolt to Universal Suffrage, convert about five hundred scientists to merchants, and CASH RUSH A PALACE here. It still came about about 100 commerce short - could have had it by planning farther ahead and also cash rushing an airport (trade route) and customs house.

barcelona-102.jpg - 72kb

Launch in 1680 AD, and nothing happened during the 12 turns of travel time, except Barcelona rebuilding its palace and surpassing size 100. 420 million people aliens in one city. And it's celebrating We Love The President. biggrin.gif - 1kb

The result was a Space Race Victory in 1740 AD. But I loved this mod so much, there's more to the story.

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