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A Dominating Experience

dom-425bc.jpg - 139kb

Here's an overview. Since I'm going for domination, I tried to cover my territory with a minimum number of cities to control costs. It's sunk to 20% sustainable research. The fix is to whip libraries and run scientists (taking care to keep scientist GPP accumulation below Engineer accumulation in Madrid.) The cities grew quickly with forges to multiply "food", and a high happy cap from three Mining/Hunting happy resources, religion, and cheap Spiritual temples.

Madrid's first Engineer bulbed Machinery the next turn in 400 BC. It doesn't really do anything for me at the moment (no Iron Working for crossbows, no use for windmills or watermills). The Engineering beeline is still my intent, but I can have it at about the same time either by researching Engineering directly or by bulbing it with the second engineer. So it's better to spend my economy on filling in the essentials. I need Monarchy for more happy, Calendar to plantation the incense, and Literature for the Heroic Epic.

Seville is in the same location as in my space game, and built the same Heroic Epic. More mind-bending mod play. Incense at 6 commerce is junk in a regular game, even plains cottages or most specialists are better. Incense at 6 production for the Isabaliens is awesome, like plains hill copper.

I just reached Construction, and tried to build elephants to finish off England... except that they require Horseback Riding which I always forget. Well, it's probably better to Alphabet myself onto the trading loop. I did trade for HBR and Monarchy.

dom-great-engineer.jpg - 35kb

Engineering bulbed in 475 AD, except that the single bulb isn't quite enough and it also took two turns of research.

Monty declared war on Elizabeth of his own volition. He sent a woefully inadequate stack to London, about 5 axemen that suicided against the 7 archers. Thanks for not helping me and feeding England experience. At least those are Aztec units I won't have to kill myself.

dom-london-domination.jpg - 73kb

I'd built elephants while going to Engineering and sent them to London. And so ends the longest war (non Always War) that I've ever had in Civ 4. (4000 years since declaring. :) )

Next research there says Feudalism, but forget that. I can win on trebuchets and elephants. Next researches were Drama and Music. Artist culture bombs are actually the fastest way to speed to a domination victory on this small map here. And I'll need the culture slider. Also I stole Currency, to cash out the trickle of EP I'd run on Hannibal for a long time.

The world as I declare war on the Aztecs. Now a quiz, answer below the picture. Thanks to the mod, what is the most important Aztec city to capture? Hint: I just got Currency.

dom-640ad.jpg - 140kb

(Yeah, I'm an inveterate builder. Even in a quick stomp domination game, I can't stop building. I had to build the Nat Epic, Great Library, Shwedagon Paya (for Theocracy), Globe Theater, Colossus once I conquered copper, and Notre Dame once I conquered stone.)

The target city is Teotihuacan. That city alone is blocking my trade routes to Carthage and Germany. Trade routes at +1 production in the mod are much more important than +1 commerce in the regular game. Capturing Teotihuacan restores 3 to 4 production per city.

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